FCC Approves Radio Station Permit!

    FCC Approves Radio Station Permit!

    This morning (Monday 13th 2010) we got notice that our permit to build a radio station was issued by the FCC.

    Our next steps are to fine tune the coverage area, purchase the equipment, rent space on an antenna tower and then go on the air! This is a simplified description of the process of course but it really isn’t too complicated. Raising finances is the really hard part. We have up to three years, but I’m praying that we can set a goal to be up and running well before the end of next year. Finances permitting it could actually happen in a matter of months! But let’s see what God will do.

    Meanwhile rejoice! This is one more prayer that God has answered for Calvary Montclair lately! Praise The Lord!!

    More details will come over the next few weeks. Continue to keep the project in prayer.