About Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel of Montclair is an affiliate of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa.

Pastor George has been senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Montclair since December of 1999. George grew up in Montclair, and still lives in the immediate area.

Calvary Chapel of Montclair is a Christian fellowship made up of people from this and surrounding communities. We are people who have experienced first hand the mercy and forgiveness of God through Jesus. We have seen God dramatically touch lives by healing marriages, freeing from drug and alcohol addictions, and giving peace and joy where once confusion and hopelessness reigned. We have seen God do all this through His great ability, His Spirit and His Word to us, the scriptures, the Holy Bible.

The Bible is our guide, and we have found that it contains everything that is needed for life and Godliness. Our hope is that you will become familiar with it’s content - instead of the countless myths and controversies our society generates, and come to understand that you CAN be forgiven and live a life with meaning and purpose. God is not angry nor is He incapable. He is longing to fill you with His love and make you a part of His family.

We extend a most heartfelt welcome to you, your friends and family to join us. The atmosphere is always comfortable, no dress requirements, no “lofty” preaching, no pretentious ceremonies. Our focus is on discussion and enlightening exploration of the scriptures and the true Christian beliefs outlined in them. We’d like to present to you a deeper, yet practical understanding of the faith, not resting in opinion, tradition and church dogma. The teaching is always directly from the scriptures and is performed in an easy to understand “verse by verse expository” way, typical of the Calvary Chapel style of ministry.

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