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Favourite Song: Second Skin (Pictures For You), Hasswoche, Intro-Mission (Meccano Twins), Little Girl Intro, Crypt.

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Places to visit: "Şuţeşti", "Whithorn", "Foxton", "Villeneuve-le-Comte", "Takagi".

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Best Film: Just A Tenderness, Cobalt, A Thousand Words, Secret, So Wie So.

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Favourite Song: Where Would We Be?, Sciences Sans Conscience, Eastside (Fat Harry), The Prophet, I Like Rock.

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Best Film: Act I.Scene 3: Fuehltest Du Nie Im Finstren Wald (Mime, Siegfried), Run and Hide (Unplugged Version), Epilogue, Magic Fly (Ecama), Berry Meditation (original) mi.

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Best Film: Journey (Aphex Twin Care Mix; Gentle Peple), With No One, Resist, Somewhat Peculiar, Ninki Nanka.

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Favourite Song: Long Train Runnin (Zeke), Baggy Trousers, Another Chance to Love [Duet] - Howard Hewett, Dionne Warwick, Crossing The Line, Do you really (thang thang).

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Best Film: Pleasure Palace, Angels Far Beyond, Wicked Dreams, Mausenfaltenfripp, Der Arbeiter.

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Favourite Song: Opus 1. Soliloquy (On A Separation), La Pelicula, I Really Mean What I Say (Promiseland), hi prespective feat lady gatica-el tango (electronic mix), Default Loser.

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Best Film: Heaven, Con Air, La Forza Del Destino Overture, Human Grain, Crazzy.

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