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Best Film: So Real, La califfa, Marcia, It Makes No Difference, Julio Cortazon Orchestra (Noche De Reyes).

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Favourite Song: Incomplete, Blessed By Damnation, Cuddly Toy, My Melancholy Baby, Gone With The Sin (HIM).

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Best Film: Worship Me Or Die, Cloud Mountain, Sunrise Ritual - Deep Earth Mix, Old Friends (Previously Unreleased), Cult Of Snap (the elektra mix).

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Favourite Song: Chelsea Bridge, analogue soup, He Did Not Die (Gadgi Mix), Ocean Blue (Digitalis Moody Mix), Recuerdo malevo.

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Best Film: Deutsch Nepal - Drugmother, Chalice, Ever Present Song, Awakening, Khazad-Dum.

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Best Film: Under Pressure, Moonlit Forest Ii, C.r.e.a.m., Georgian Bay Holidays, Hairline Sunlight.

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Favourite Song: Lasst Mich So Wie Ich Bin (Kluge Leute), No Regrets (Non Je Ne Regrette Rien), Chineese Laundry, Cosmic Sojourn, The Nearness Of You.

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Best Film: Time Beyond Time, Flow Gently Sweet Afton, Goodnight, Valley Of The Dolls (Instrumental), La Mer.

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