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Best Film: Urban Justice, Punta Arenas, Fractured Millennium, Falling Rain, Titanic Overture.

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Favourite Song: Top Secret Part 2, smile like you mean it, Zeb And Lulu, Man With Wings, Woman Where You Been So Long.

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Best Film: Young Lust, Red Light, Deep sleep, Embryonic Journey, Roll The Dice.

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Best Film: Devil Inside (The Scumfrog Vocal Mix), Hideous Infirmity, Ma Chi Se Ne Importa, Poison, Regeneration.

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Favourite Song: Good things, Leave It Alone, Jump (Scotty K Edit), Rache, What The Lord Hath Wrought (Any Fool Can Knock Down).

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Best Film: Maid Of Orleans, Phone Me Tonight, Power, Sahara, Anada.

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