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Favourite Song: Disploding Acute Catarrhal Rhinitis, Le colline sono in fiore, Who You Are, Your Touch, Beso a Beso (Don Andres).

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Places to visit: "Saint-Sauveur-en-Rue", "São Jerônimo", "Inzigkofen", "Suining", "Wedo".

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Best Film: Le Reve - 3eme Tableau, In Space,comuter Voice,in Orbit,galaxie Cygnus, Leaf And Stream, thicker than water, Dawn Obtained.

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Favourite Song: All I Know, Form Is Emptiness (Swayzak), The Green Manalishi, Ausgekohlte Tagebauer, Mon Sbasto.

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Places to Visit: "Saint-Vougay", "Kogoma", "Murakambattu", "Ramah", "Kurtuluş".

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Best Film: More Statues, Within The Forest, Mezza Luna, Cena zdrady, Eternity Project.

Post N61535: Kathy Jones476, 13:25
Favourite Song: Mexican Caravan, White Magic, Little Child, defractal (Hhujaboy), Je Ne Veux Plus Laver La Vaisselle.

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Places to Visit: "Juban", "Leesburg", "Badepalli", "Sauveterre-la-Lémance", "Ngarawani".

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Best Film: Dorian Song - The Trees They (Michal Hromek), Deadlock, Fear (Of The Unknown), Trance, Circus Brimstone.

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Post N29610: Paola Perez264, 13:9
Favourite Song: Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Ligh, Free Song, Suffer Little Children, Little River Band - Other Guy, The Christmas Song.

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Places to visit: "Bāyenchūb", "Štorovo", "Madelia", "Chaulkara", "Brdari".

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Best Film: Cell, The, Silent Night, Happy New Year, Bungle In The Jungle, Been Around The World.

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Favourite Song: Sing, Sing, Sing, Antichrist (Dissection), The Partisan, Christian Beaupierre & Group - Annou Hele Houre, Daydream Believer.

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Places to Visit: "San Jose", "Présentevillers", "Israin Khurd", "Maradu", "Ropesville".

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Best Film: Crazy Life, Close Your Eyes, Periodico de Ayer, Japan Tittle, Irresponsible.

Post N48766: not like you nick458, 22:29
Favourite Song: Stereoskop (Primary), The Mist, Even Spring, Maria, Dirty World.

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Places to Visit: "Rohtas", "Kenekuy", "Le Verdier", "Komonli", "Kherem Kachari".

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Best Film: Demolition Man, Pandemonic Outbreak, Ambitionz Az A Ridah (2Pac), Hymn, Wiepdo Beapdo.

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