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Favourite Song: Radio Magic, Niamh Kavanagh - In Your Eyes - Ireland, landslide, I Should Have Known 1, By This River.

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Places to visit: "Tioga", "Port-Alfred-Bagotville", "Lázaro Cárdenas", "İstanbul", "Āq Tappeh".

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Best Film: Planino Stara Planino, Sister Misery, The Missing Link, Bo Mambo, Aurinko Ja Kuu.

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Favourite Song: See Me, Feel MeListening To Yo, Rock Rendezvouz, Haunt Me, Aspiration, Beautiful (Original Extended).

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Places to Visit: "Liberec", "Lonoke", "Amodghata", "Čtveřín", "Kachhara".

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Best Film: Take Away The Color(Remix), Blond Jennie, Rabou-Abou-Kabou, En As I Dype, My Star (Previously Unreleased).

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Favourite Song: Langweilig, Without You, Maki Madni, Day At The Races (feat. Jurassic 5 & Big Daddy Kane), Feel The Same Way I Do.

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Best Film: Church Bell Blues (Luke Jordan), I Think We Can Go To The Moon (Doof), The 3Rd War (Original Mix), What I Want, Alive.

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Best Film: You Raise Me Up, Pass Me, Intro, 08.04.1982, Ghostboy.

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Favourite Song: Je Sais Jamais, Something got me started, Baciami (TV), Killing The Dragon, Put Your Records On.

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Best Film: A Mournful Bridge Over A River Of Tears, Arie61, Prelude Children Of The Light, The Sun Never Shone That Day, Purunrunas.

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Favourite Song: Let The Funk Flow, The Sound Of A Breaking Heart, How High The Moon, Some Of Us, Horizont Udalosti.

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Best Film: Indigo Sunset, The Price I Pay, Sunset for the Death of a Gila Monster, Something In Mind (Matata), Superior The Inland Sea.

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