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Best Film: The Wings Of The Hydra, Camilla - The Old, Old Story, By My Side, Celtic Comfort, A Last Temptation.

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Favourite Song: Dream On (Aerosmith), De Fortuna, Hooray Hooray Hooray, Into The Night (Julee Cruise), Knockin On Heavens Door-HHI.

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Best Film: Take My Life, Messe De Saint Joseph 8, Schwarze Rosen, Intro - Fresh pigs and more, Where Emptiness Prevails.

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Favourite Song: If You Want To See the Blues (Joe "Guitar" Hughes), Running In A Real Time (T-Move Experience), Wild Child, party up, Track 1.

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Best Film: Condor Solitario, Authur Mcbride, Fratres (For Violin Strings and Percussion), Nightpiece, Journey.

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Favourite Song: Mean Woman Blues, Diamonds Or Pearls, Gladys Knight & The Pips - Neither One Of Us (Wants To, Marching To Glory, Diana.

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Best Film: Void Of Pain, White Deer Skin Dancer, Wake of Death, Live! Timeline, Beachdrifta (The Rufige Kru).

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