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Best Film: Aurora Visage, Aurora Mist, Fade The Night, Long Time Coming, The Facts of Life, Acrossing The Wood, Corpore In Sepulto.

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Favourite Song: Hold On, Out Of The Blue, God Bless the Child, Granada, Go Mental.

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Best Film: PensG�e Inique, Rebel Ready, A Year Of Doubt, Que Creias, The Brown One.

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Favourite Song: Linda (Kenny Dope Remix), The Moon Under Water, Ready Or Not (data radio mix; Dj Dado and Simone Jay), Aborted, Endless Summer Nights.

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Best Film: Stench Of Death / Reaking...., F#, Truly, Madly, Deeply (Skanga), Place of Many Deaths, Quando Sarai Lontana.

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Best Film: Nothingness, Everyday, Walking In The Park, Greensleeves, Blindfold.

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