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Favourite Song: senor, Shave Yo Legs, Remember Me, Overdrive, Nothing But The Best.

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Places to visit: "Obaköy", "Pablo", "Malav", "Bakalite", "Bhangha".

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Best Film: Dark Horse, Le Retor De Malek Sultan, Dusty Road, Lotus Feet, The Moment You Left Me.

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Favourite Song: Shades of Rhythm / Sweet Sensation, droom-boom - relax-position, Rock Classics, Snares, Beauty And Harmony.

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Places to Visit: "Mahindwara", "Ndumbwe", "Khai", "Norcia", "Ngopa".

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Best Film: The Spanish Wizard, Killing Spree, 04. 3nd Movement, My December, Dancing Woodwinds.

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Favourite Song: Agua De Beber, La flute magique, America, Bird Nest, Your body.

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Places to Visit: "Hyrige", "Toffen", "Jaggampeta", "H̨oseynābād", "Pothare".

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Best Film: Traumklang-Galactical Drive, You Must Learn, Last One In The World, Prologue, Stirn Chakra.

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Favourite Song: Shadow Of A Lonely Man, So Tired, Mickey Mouse em Moscou, No More, Girl From A Pawnshop.

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Best Film: Headhunter (Doug Laurent mix), Savage Logic, Reading Mind, You, Outreach.

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Favourite Song: What They Really Want, Les Posedes, Turtles - You Showed Me, Case closed, Sonata No. 16, K. 545 - Sonata Facile - I.

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Best Film: Moonfood, Learn To Fly, La Rosita, Numbskull, Release The Spirit Within.

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Favourite Song: Heaven Can Wait, Hate Zone, Lady With A Tenor Sax - 1986 B, No Escape, Good To Go (Remix).

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Places to Visit: "Toplu", "Kingston", "Piranpatti", "Chŏnnae", "Kergrist".

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Best Film: Potpourri of Taquiraris, Bonus Track, Do My Baby Think Of Me, Raise, Reunion Of Wolves.

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