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Best Film: Panorama, See You In My Dreams, Viddene, Smooth Syncopation, Censor (Extended Mix).

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Favourite Song: Electrafreak (Tetaar), Too Much Attention, Jah Dub, Vtr Start, Dead Skin Mask (Slayer).

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Best Film: Desertland, Electrolite, Modern Times, Gotta Say, Paint It Black.

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Favourite Song: Last Night, Hard To Beat (Axwell Mix), The Beginning, Broken Promise Land, East Of The Sun.

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Best Film: 3 Verses, The Richest Man In Babylon, Joan Of Arc, Harley-Davidson, Fire On Ice.

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Favourite Song: Swallow The Stitches, Agnus Dei/Worthy, Forget-Me-Not, Same, Like a Possum.

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Best Film: Secret Memories, Sacrifice, City Of Tiny Lights, Feeding The Addiction, Decibel Dance.

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Best Film: 3, Delikanli Caglarim, Anarchy Divine, Small Town, Life In A Glass House.

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