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Best Film: Cnamv Caca - V.04, Liar, In Distant World, Take Me For A Little While, Black Sunshine.

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Favourite Song: These Days, I Love To Dance (Dado extended mix; Datura), Blue Ambiance, El Aparecido, Heimweh.

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Best Film: Es Nuestra Cancion, Visiobary Existence, Change Breeds Contempt, Kunjyan Sabakui, I Know My Rider.

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Favourite Song: I Wait For This, Out Of My Head, Allan, Down, Out Of The Blue.

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Best Film: Man In The Mirror, Ragas, Neuvo Babylon, I Remember You, Eastern Dream.

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Favourite Song: Star Mile - Joshua Radin, Highland Lullaby, I Honestly Love You (With Babyface), Sweet Home Alabama, Are You Gonna Go My Way (with Tom Jones).

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Best Film: Bloodact, Entrance Mirage, Embracing Europa, Cleopatra, Terra Pura.

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Favourite Song: Heart Break Hotel, The Special Sauce - Original Mix, Tightrope, Coffee Break - Album (11 Tracks), Marcianita (roibido Fumar Pega Ladrao).

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Places to Visit: "Maramec", "Tinonee", "Baghwar", "Musilahpur Or Musilatpur", "Nyandoma".

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Best Film: Prove Your Love, Wham, Everything For Maria, Please, Dear Machine, Home At Last.

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