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Places to visit: "Charlotte", "Çalköy", "Vazmān", "Buenavista", "Combres".

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Best Film: This Stillness, Head Creeps, Tonga Lakalaka, Beyond, Sos.

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Places to Visit: "Nový Svet", "Jarzé", "Mejlby", "Sévery", "Taulignan".

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Best Film: Maire Bhan (Eithne Ni Uallachain), Interlude #3, Evening, The Chronic (Intro), Conga Angel ((08) Interface).

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Favourite Song: Great Sword Of Flame, Mr. Mister / Kyrie, Ma Personne, Sanctuary, Here I Am 100 Bars.

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Places to Visit: "", "Bitiren", "Savković", "Kamarthu", "Thevalakkara".

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Best Film: Flowing Grace, Nature Calling, Jacopone, The Strangest Thing, 5 Stucke For Orchestra, Op.10: Sehr Langsam Und Ausserst Ruhig.

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Best Film: la the darkman and raekwon-spring waters, Futura, Megvaltast Arok, Portsmouth, Wreckless Love.

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Best Film: Childhood (Dusted), The Temple Of Set, Never Find A Love, La Strada, Blood Soiled Hellsnow Of The Catholic Slut Fuck.

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Favourite Song: Sultana (Kewan Solo), I Know Better Now (Performed By A.J. Croce), Dawn (Part 2), Burning Times, Anna Begins.

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Best Film: 5, Crucifixion, Act Ii. Scena 2: So Zieht Das Unheil In Dies Haus! (Frederich), Ritual, Incineration 4.

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