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Best Film: Kann Es Sein, President Gas, Alpha School, Jaktens Tid, Det Moerkner.

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Favourite Song: Bang (Extended), Fur Elise (Helene Gal), bomba (los guajiros del puerto), Whatre Gonna Do (Randolphs Instrumental), Asylum Disciple (.38 Remix).

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Places to Visit: "Dehri", "Charleston", "Fallston", "Dağhacıyusuf", "Hockenheim".

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Best Film: Eternal (F.R.E.U.D), Sunny Love (Maggie May), Allemande, Road Life, Kneel At Your Feet.

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Favourite Song: landslide remix, Flatspin (Futurebound & Codek), The Forest, Silent Scream, Going Home.

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Best Film: Qui Peut Savoir, A Way to Focus the Mind, Pride (Soil), Zero, Strange Attraction.

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Best Film: Journey Of The Whales, Lack Of Talk, As Long As It Matters, A Time For Fear, Share Your Love With Me.

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Favourite Song: Hot Pants (She Got To Use What She Got To Get What She Wants) Pt.1, Double Trouble (alternate; Muddy Waters), My Girl (Live), Full Up This Bad Machine, Kindertrume.

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Best Film: Fujara, Light Moves, Callas Went Away, Coranto, The Massacre.

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Favourite Song: Con Rabia (Polaco), Border Run, Prophetiae Sybillarum (Di Lassus), Der Fischer und der Boss, Tribute to Garnett Silk.

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Best Film: Good Gracious, MHYTHOS`N DJ COSMO - Hymn (Airscape Remix), Beautiful (Sharam Jey Remix), Chased By Trolls, Ambition.

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