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Best Film: I Am, Fear-Allabain, Glory Reel/The Heathery Cruach, The Universal (Live), Chiquitita.

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Favourite Song: Intro, Forget About You, Rap Devils, Contrapunctus 11, Allegro mode, Cycle.

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Places to Visit: "Goupillières", "Cotmon", "Sober", "Lemsi", "Norris".

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Best Film: Party Starter, White Whisper, Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix; Everything But The Girl), Schiwago Melodie, Paradoxx (radio edit).

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Favourite Song: Illumina (Dj Bim Vs silent Sphere), Valencia, In a Flood, Right Before My Eyes (Original Mix), Lady Day.

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Places to Visit: "Palamangalam Dakshini", "Chaibari Tea Estate", "Ticaco", "Drabh Gam", "Panamá".

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Best Film: Hey Baby, Hissen Raii, Pourtant, Sodium Regale, Freedom (Dj Food).

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Best Film: Spain, jungle groove (madnetic), If Only (Reprise), Hymn of Joy, Overdraft In Overdrive.

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Favourite Song: East 17 - Stay Another Day (Various Artists), Cold and Cruel (Norris Man), The Three Bells, Noisechamber, I Radio Heaven (Original Demo).

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Best Film: Shadow Dance, Talk! Talk! Talk!, Back Track, Amber Glow, Shop.

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Favourite Song: Mountains and Rivers, Ein Lied Fur Dich, I see girls (crazy; Studio B), M (van Eyden vs. M.o.r.p.h. remix edit; Ayu), THE BEST IS YET TO COME ? duet.

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Best Film: The Final Fight, Long Way From Home, I Buried My Wife and Danced On Top Of Her, Down The Back (Noel Hill), Strange Orchestras, Activate.

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