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Favourite Song: Reflections, He Said - She Said - Neotropic, Mambo Villa, Try, Interlude.

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Places to visit: "Marblehead", "Krossberg", "Soni", "Kalipur", "Stranje".

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Best Film: Glad To Meet You, In Grauer Stadt, Tricks and Traps, Touched By The Hand Of God (razormaid Mix), Going To Pasalaqua.

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Favourite Song: Slice Of Life, Still Rolling Stones, Francis Massacre, Speaks (Game), La Distancia Es El Olvido.

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Places to Visit: "Büyükbürüngüz", "Choriya", "Jogaili", "Elvas", "Bédeille".

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Best Film: Get Up Now, Open Door (Johan S Klub Dub), Prelude and Fugue No. 23 in B major, Under Attack, Bossy Bass Buzzer.

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Favourite Song: Ground Hog, Spiritdance, Vollmond (German Version), Pisando Fuerte, Toxic Waste.

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Places to Visit: "Quincy", "Deretin", "Logarovci", "Haraççı", "Wau".

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Best Film: Too Late, Close Without Touching, People Talk, Santus (Omen Version), Disappointed.

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Favourite Song: Waiting, Cometa Azul, Gunner Runner, Aqualords - The Stuff, Cubicle.

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Places to visit: "Longwesunyu", "Villa Cerro Castillo", "Rodnykove", "Gafargāon", "Tatre".

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Best Film: Gange-Jah Dance, Jazz Is Not Dead, Roches Favourite, Mi Corazon, The Art Of Slow Love (compiled and remixed by youth).

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Favourite Song: Set of Tunes (Hamis Moore), jonny g., Stormy (Carlos Santana), Lying Season, Whose Ever.

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Places to Visit: "Manauli", "Divina", "Pepino", "Riede", "Prkosava".

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Best Film: little brother, This Is For Us To Share, Chenrezi, Fine Knacks For Ladies, Tibetain Ouverture.

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Favourite Song: Is This What I Get For Loving You, Tears Of Rancour, Waiting For The Man, Amor Maldito, The Isolationist - Actuators.

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Places to Visit: "Frumosu", "Shuiji", "Saint-Ferriol", "Lingenau", "Tala".

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Best Film: Mi Buena Suerte, Rise and Rule, party day, 107 will young - light my fire, Moroccan Rain Dance.

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