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Best Film: Praing For Time, The Waste (Sepultura and Mike Patton), 4-28-05, Celtic Lore, The Swarm.

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Best Film: Strategy, Out Of Control, Rain Of Blessing, Na Doine Sidhe, Letzter Traum.

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Favourite Song: Greek Reflection, The Best Of Me, A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes), SOMEWHERE, The Point Of No Return-Chandelier Crash.

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Best Film: Suite in E Minor (BWV 996) - Allemande, Rise Up, A message to you Rudy, Clueless, Mind Games (Make Love, Not War).

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Favourite Song: Wreath Of Barbs [contest winner remix: gray/scale], linda, Ravenous (Live), Free To Be Me, Return Of The Fly (Farside).

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