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Best Film: John Adams - Rag the Bone, 99 Grindcoresongs (Part 20), The Heartless (Space Jazz Dubmen Mix), Sondos, Mourning Palace.

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Best Film: Flamoco Loco, Civic Duty, Combustion, No Future Ep No Future (Soundburnt Mix; Dj Esp), Adiemus.

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Places to Visit: "Krummin", "Baletha", "Lee", "Heubach", "Penitas".

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Favourite Song: I will kill you, Where Two Hawks Fly, Satanic Citizen (Live Frankfurt 1990), La Good Life, Damn Good Time.

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Best Film: In The Frame Of Wilderness, Try Some, Buy Some, Dancing With The Dead, Halycon Daze (Esionjim), Per Dire Di No (Reprise).

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Best Film: 3, Tearing Apart, Thats The Way Love Goes, Var.Viii, Irresistable Chick.

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