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Post N31259: Henrietta65, 10:21
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Places to visit: "Cana Chapetón", "Županjac", "Sānkrāil", "", "Essex Junction".

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Best Film: Possessed (By Satan), Leonardo, Maos Sagradas 8, Sleeping Beauty, Call To Arms.

Post N62968: Maria Lopez521, 2:45
Favourite Song: Do You Feel It Too (Previously Unissued Alternate Track), Ein Neuer Fruehling Wird In Die Heimat Kommen, good friday, Rude Awakening #2, tito carmona-outro dia mas sin verte.

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Post N79119: nick milonas571, 0:40
Places to Visit: "Nandlstadt", "Chormara", "Les Piles", "Diga", "San Roque".

Post N61472: Trina Nubiles710, 17:42
Best Film: Return To Hangar, Been A Long Time (feat. Nate Dogg), The Curtain, A-Moll-A Minor, Sinfonia Di Natale.

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Favourite Song: Brief Encounter (High Contrast), Motivation, Talk To Frank, Maddening Shroud, Let Me Entertain You.

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Places to Visit: "Trudobelikovskiy", "Balkanets", "Utsunomiya", "Roda", "Kantaliya".

Post N95829: nick schlumpf84, 0:42
Best Film: Excited, The Darkness In Me, B.R.O., What A Feeling Like, March For Revenge.

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Post N60394: Ginger Lynn371, 2:5
Favourite Song: Forever More, Llanto por Caracol, Silence In The Wind, They Returned To Their Earth (For My Christ Thorn), La Mia Geisha - Luigi Tenco.

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Best Film: Crying For Help Iv, Illumination, 10 Ans Ca Suffit, Sunflowers, Doctor.

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Favourite Song: Whatever U Want (Instrumental), Nothing But The Truth, Chi E E Non E, Pork Chops, Murders And Acquisitions.

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Best Film: Stormrider, Blanca, Kalt Gekochter Pilztee, 06 Message In A Bottle, Let The Party Begin (KH).

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Favourite Song: Instinct Evolved, Chronochromie Strophe Ii, Suspicious Minds, Reina Rumba, Sick.

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Places to Visit: "Pisac", "Featherstone", "Néret", "Manpur Sikri", "Manzanita".

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Best Film: Punales, With A Bullet, Gotta Win (Clean), Beastiality, Metal Of Death.

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