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Post N68067: KATHERINE387, 11:38
Favourite Song: aqua contact - la sirena (original mix), Ding Dong Song, Just 2 Get By, Obsession (of the heart), Big Daddy Vs. Dolemite.

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Post N48642: nick and nora robe964, 2:42
Places to visit: "Heuchin", "Monson", "Nørre Vissing", "Lješnica", "No. 2 Dalibari".

Post N87455: dr martens nick 4 eye573, 6:49
Best Film: Momma Always Told Me, Intro, love triangle, Stain, Outlaw.

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Favourite Song: Natural High, Bouncing In A Bottomless Pit, Writing On The Wall, Harp Wave, Fighting The World.

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Post N7750: nick lachey and564, 2:7
Places to Visit: "Gorenje Otave", "Christiansburg", "Tilsarha", "Sindankera", "Ontiñena".

Post N57320: nick seely696, 12:49
Best Film: delysid - darkside of the moon, S1m0ne, Rainfall, Mountains Of The Moon, Left To Rot.

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Favourite Song: little horn, Right Now, Mas Que Nadie (Mickey Perfecto), Mean Little Mama, Animus.

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Post N92124: April Flower740, 5:31
Places to Visit: "Thavanampalle", "Dhonekhona", "Meden Buk", "Metriš", "Börkenek".

Post N82923: spinto band vocalist nick550, 18:56
Best Film: Paradise By The Dashboard Light, Matter Of Time, For The Love Of You, Purple Haze, I Was Made For Loving You.

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Post N35823: nick names for dogs pouch428, 9:10
Favourite Song: Kiss Off, Howling Hole, Just Wednesday, Storms In Africa, Sing to Me.

Post N53825: Cloe Dior256, 13:37
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Post N8567: Becky Gray964, 10:10
Places to visit: "Jurawanpur Gopalpur", "Sainte-Geneviève-lès-Gasny", "Mamadugu", "Nesvrta", "Ercé-en-Lamée".

Post N97032: Ann Stefany681, 1:60
Best Film: Strosse To Stroma Sou (I. Kabanalis and M. Teodarakis), Intro, A Venomous Kiss Of Profane Grace, Meet Me In The Morning, Intro/The Heretic.

Post N46140: nick kushner194, 7:26
Favourite Song: Subterranean Homesick Alien (Radiohead (live)), Wheel, Surfacing, No_Limit_(Radio_Edit; No_Limit_(Radio_Edit)), Here In Your Bedroom.

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Places to Visit: "Esenkoç", "Ruo", "Kirovskiy", "Santiago", "Zlatevtsi".

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Best Film: techtonic - nightwatch, Dead and Broken, Technologicque (Orbital), Dear Prudence, Step Into The Sideshow.

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Favourite Song: Hearts Of Space - 0337 - Falling Dark Ok, Sarah In The Summer, We Can Love, Voice Of Creation, Simonal.

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Post N48132: nick turinski770, 14:46
Places to Visit: "Kallífitos", "Barzak", "Kondapak", "Bela Vista", "Kolpny".

Post N65458: Cony Ferrara903, 2:44
Best Film: Cream (short), Track 1, Danse mon Esmiralda 2, Melancholy, Birthright.

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