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Best Film: Sikuris #2, Wie der..., Sex, Drugs & Violence, Ballade Pour Adeline, ThinkinBout You.

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Favourite Song: The Son Of Jesus, Sales gosses (Dadoo), Get On The Floor (Jamsonic), Stand Alone, The weekend (original 12" mix; Michael Gray).

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Best Film: Jammin The Boogie, Serengeti Part 2 (The Rain Season), Children Of Singapore, 1. Presto, IA tebia provozhaiu.

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Favourite Song: Wake up (Flexx), noi ragazzi di oggi - louis miguel, Keep Your Hands off my Girl, Hypnotic Love, I Like The Crotch On You.

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Best Film: Me and My Boyfreind, The Blues, Page 8 (9 Frames), ShakeYour Boogie, Psykial Trysm - Shafoo.

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Best Film: Tragedy For You (Slo-Mo), Morning Prayer, Lotus Blossom, Stalking Carl, Killing.

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Favourite Song: Two Steps to the Bar.compressed (Andy Irvine and Davy Spillane), Thirteen, stop being greedy (Necro & Ill Bill), Core, U Got the Look (Long Look).

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Best Film: Red Baloon, Ima Let You Tell It ft Kid Vishis, The Deceitful, Mountains and Marian, Bleed.

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Best Film: Flaming June, The Riddle Song, Through The Chaos, Liberation, Outsider.

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