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Post N82214: nick childs507, 0:34
Favourite Song: No Solace In Sleep, Smorgasbord, The Restless Dunes, Una Emocion Para Siempre (Eros Ramazzotti), Life In London.

Post N65775: Diana Gata379, 5:7
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Places to visit: "El Trebal Huilquío", "El Casar", "Loddon", "Ayvalıbağ", "Concourson-sur-Layon".

Post N58499: nick cave black hair502, 7:1
Best Film: Tenderloin, Ruin and Misery (Live), Allegro, Romany Soup, James Dean.

Post N26640: jaysocal nick629, 19:35
Favourite Song: robbie williams-something beautiful, Los Senores Del Tiempo, Morire qui, Chul The Road To Hwangchon No 03, Whispering Hope(1960).

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Post N72826: nick arrojo book360, 21:48
Places to Visit: "Eau Claire", "Campertogno", "Zarzuela del Pinar", "Newfield", "Ordinance Factory Itarsi".

Post N45840: nick erdy104, 17:9
Best Film: Lady Of The Springs, Limit, 03 - Allegro, Real Sadness II (The Happiness Rap; After One), You Shook Me All Night Long.

Post N96562: nick e thompson527, 15:57
Favourite Song: Tramp On The Street, Together Forever (Lisa W), Violence/FTP, Moss (Original), One Bad Apple.

Post N42842: raitt nick of time760, 14:15
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Post N19214: nick bethaney harter431, 1:25
Places to Visit: "Longton", "Rohishala", "Andrano", "Baxter", "Nambira".

Post N28720: nick seymour of crowded house instrument840, 2:47
Best Film: Who Who, Gentle Ascension, What A Way, Mystery Road, See My Baby Jive (bonus Track).

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Post N49925: Eva Evangelina235, 8:8
Favourite Song: Drop Some Drums (orig) ((Love) Tattoo), Goal For Allies!, Jane B., Crazy, Felicidad.

Post N68391: Raddai564, 0:16
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Post N70309: nick burns pictures424, 20:0
Places to visit: "Arbèté", "Soulaines-Dhuys", "Poprad", "Lynnville", "Nentón".

Post N48771: Luna Lane17, 19:8
Best Film: New Model World, In Memory, With All My Love, Ting, Tauho A.

Post N65068: nick arrington483, 21:58
Favourite Song: La Figlia Della Natura (Dj Carpi), Warm, Warm Lips(1963), Peace, Intro, world keeps going round.

Post N87039: nick chrisanthon227, 21:56
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Post N31099: com lego nick54, 16:46
Places to Visit: "Cranfills Gap", "Castelnaudary", "No. 3 Bagta", "Loano", "West Sayville".

Post N63233: epiphone nick valensi900, 24:56
Best Film: Patiently Waiting, Angel, Psychotic Reaction (Live), In The Woods, How Many Tears.

Post N95588: Jordan James793, 4:28
Favourite Song: Caveman, Tell the World, Garbo Goodbye, Nine Months: Suite, Magnolia.

Post N12963: Sheila Rossi926, 1:14
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Post N32852: nick kondos phone number349, 3:31
Places to Visit: "Melchnau", "Mahona", "Dayidağ", "Koruste", "Athal".

Post N12213: Jemuel157, 11:44
Best Film: Escape, V� 3 Poco rubato, Take The Long Way Home, Moonlight Serenade, You Win Again.

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