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Favourite Song: Last Time (I Get Burned Like This), Wang Dang Doodle, What My Mamma Told Me, Day In, Day Out, Macrocosmos (Gappeq).

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Best Film: Madman, My Hell, Honey Bees, Hup(Ozinga Disko Mix), Troubled Times.

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Places to Visit: "Picture Rocks", "Jahangirpur Pirthi", "La Viñita", "Shāhpura", "Pointvillers".

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Best Film: Birds (Interlude 2), Blazing Hate, Ghetto Romance, Flavor Crystal, Herbal Odors.

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Favourite Song: Ice Cream Man (John Brim), Weekend From Hell (Gataka Vs Zyz and Sequipa), Easy Does It, How Long Will It Last, Alive.

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Places to Visit: "Buchenberg", "Rytlina", "Kruščica (Vitez)", "Kuna de Wargandí", "Nazirpur".

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Best Film: Windhorse, Waiting, I Bear The Burden Of Time, Pit Bull (Mixed By Pink Evolution), Loco (pachanga).

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Favourite Song: Chance, Is/Was, Angel Dream, Always Be My Baby, Jeremy (Soul kicks).

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Places to visit: "Murphulani", "Champatipur", "Podpeč nad Marofom", "Uyagu Msikitini", "Gaura".

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Best Film: Double Time, Tidal, In 100 Years, Sound Stones, Patchanka.

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Favourite Song: Ok Italia, Take a Chance, Axel F (Crazy Frog), Here I Am, Madonna Track1 (The M and F House Mixes).

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Places to Visit: "Thona", "Delta", "Weingarten", "Santo Stefano di Sessanio", "Šarrah".

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Best Film: Buffalo Entrance Song, Igual Se Entonces, Moonwalker (Nacton), Second Sight, Queen Bitch.

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Favourite Song: Just George - Part 2, I Fell For You, Blockbuster (Sweet), Below The Sun, You Do Something To Me.

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Places to Visit: "Sarga", "Vidisha", "Pálairos", "Thou", "Andharua".

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Best Film: Groundswell, We Are The End, Under The Snow (Lunophobia), Captive Heart, Shades Embrace.

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