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Places to visit: "Piérnigas", "San Sebastián", "Misono", "Manikapatna", "Soneja".

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Best Film: Back Acid Pt1 (Kotai + Mo), Kaldak-Khamar, Lonely In The Night, Shambhala, The Deeper The Love.

Post N26294: Maria Mexico759, 3:21
Favourite Song: Amazing Grace, Behind The Closed Eye, The Mask, Edge Of Reality, American Dream (jouy negro club mix; Jakatta).

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Best Film: Max-O-Man, Donde Duerme La Luna (Rondesa), Sysyphus - Part One, Pity The Sadness (Live), Tears Of Grief.

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Favourite Song: mindtrip, If You Fall In Love, Garbage Man, Morning Dew, The Omen (Intro).

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Places to Visit: "Bogdăneşti", "Kendall", "Kitwe", "Muespach", "Mīrat Cantonment".

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Best Film: I Held My Baby Last Night, The Mirror, The Couch Episode, How Soon Is Now?, Autumn Leaves.

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Favourite Song: Be Right (Part 2: Do You Know My Brothers?)/Free My Soul [Acappella], Antistar, About My Lighter, Addio, Damn Yankees - High Enough.

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Best Film: Wheya-Wheya, 1s#.., A Trick Of The Night, Liten va Guten, Your Last Salute (Das Ich Remix).

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Favourite Song: Plaza Vieja, Perfect Little Heart, You Fool No One, Too Hot To Handle, Persuasion (Motor Remix).

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Best Film: Vital Force, Cavatina, Clear Pools, Intro, Legions.

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Favourite Song: Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back, Collarbone, Running From Your Dad, Cafe Del Mar (Three N Love Radio Mix) (Energy 52), The Pot.

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Best Film: Something In The Way She Moves, Over The Rainbow, Requiem, Guardians Of Destiny (English Version), Beyond Clouds.

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