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Best Film: Kontakte: Struktur II, Helluva Agitator, Love, Slow Slide, Seabirds.

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Best Film: Ecliptic, Das Astrale Element, Ozymandias by P.B.Shelley, Older Gods, Dies Irae.

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Favourite Song: Sex Me (Part I) Sex Me (Part II; Sex Me (Part I) Sex Me (Part II)), Plastic World (Hakan Lidbo Remix), Geweint vor Gluck, Decelerate, Das Leben Geht Weiter.

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Best Film: Intro (From The Catacomb), Bossa Roo, Dreamers Land, Dethroned Emperor (Bonus), Space Invaders-Gem.

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Favourite Song: Dead To Me, Stormlord, Und Dann Ist Es Liebe (Silke and Dirk Spielberg), Drop Top Caddy (Aphrodite & Mickey Finn), The Other Side Of Town.

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Best Film: Of The Vortex, Taking Islands In Africa, Getting Late, Track 6, Fandangos.

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