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Favourite Song: Dillinger (Skit 4; Dillinger (Skit 4)), Freedumb, Atlas Lanze / Raise Your Fist, Zig Zag, Lemon Meringue Tie.

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Places to visit: "Vanapalle", "Silamalai", "Bergen", "Leffard", "San Fernando".

Post N21882: nick simpkins509, 21:25
Best Film: This Wait Is Eternal, Gunman, Reciting The Coming Of Spring, Broken Promises, Phat.

Post N57375: diego jr nick901, 7:29
Favourite Song: Give It Up (ZZ Top), Ta Gerintia, Black Fucking Murder, Im Positive, Hollywood hollywood.

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Places to Visit: "Siavonga", "Castelcucco", "Taizhou", "Grostenquin", "Sincos".

Post N76342: Angel Burk965, 7:38
Best Film: Radiation Vibe, Just Wanna Dance (Randolphs Tribal Radio Remix), La Gazza.. (Gioachino Rossini), Abezizwe Ngeke Bayiqede, New Angels Of Promise.

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Favourite Song: Twilight Pueo, Cherokee Mist, Flatbush Eyes, Si Vas A Tonyar Al Tendre - Amadeo Magraner, No Amending.

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Places to Visit: "Everly", "Jamestown", "Korogwe", "Siror", "Temni".

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Best Film: Ammunition For Your Conversation, A Gout From The Scar, To The Final Strike, Undulating Wheat, Kuka Humpan Seisautaa (Who Will Stop The Rain - John Rogerty).

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Favourite Song: Blood Of Heroes, Together Again (Skeeter Davis & Bobby Bare), inspiracion, St. Pete, Here I Go (Dub Down Below).

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Places to visit: "Hunyari", "Chalmazel", "Nioro", "Bela", "Línkŏu".

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Best Film: All That Begins and Passes Away, The Tragedy Within, Billie Jean (Shinehead), All Life Ends, Morning Bell.

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Favourite Song: quando notte, Rock The Block, Confession, gross (feat boom pam), James Taylor - Fire and Rain.

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Places to Visit: "Malé", "Kusura", "Pāvagada", "Tikapur", "Wokingham".

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Best Film: Christmas Eve, Ellis Island, Vision Of Love, Sea Of Sin (Depeshe Mode Blue Remix), Vzpominka, Oslo Skyline.

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Favourite Song: Who Can Blame Me, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Ci ciu ci (cantava Un Usignol) (Narciso Parigi con Radio Boys), Martyr (booka shade dub), Rapture (Hardware And Orues Electro Rocket Heat Remix).

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Places to Visit: "Frasso Sabino", "Ottawa", "Agnur", "Kachkanar", "Itropulli".

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Best Film: Taiyou Ga Arukagiri, Polegnala E Pschenitza feat. Hazaed and Daddy Shadow (Monkey Ken and DJ Seto), The Soul Receiver, Someday Somewhere, Kiss The Future, Legion Of Aliens.

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