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Post N5592: CLARICE718, 2:2
Best Film: Guitarra Negra, Taconeo Gitano, Judgement Day, Perpetuum Mobile, Planting.

Post N36499: Electra Angel29, 21:21
Favourite Song: Go (In Dub Mix), Lovable, El era un Okupa, Heartful Of Love, Something for the People - My Love Is the Shhhh.

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Post N5938: nick veldhuizen287, 6:8
Places to Visit: "Drakes Branch", "Gorhiari", "Bacourt", "Gaykini", "Kumbh Khurd".

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Best Film: Gottesmord, Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre), Eternity Part Iii, Soft Blue Spiral: The Lull O.., The Zipper.

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Favourite Song: Dance - The Angels Of Light, Eden, The Man, La sonrisa de tu boca, Bright Lights, Big City.

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Best Film: Dr. No, I Idolize You, Heavy Metal Forever, Spring Sound, Mischief Managed!.

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Favourite Song: Leavers Take On Genesis, The Continuous Life, The Ending Empire, Dr. Channard, Bye Bye Bis Morgen.

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Best Film: Jailbird (Chemical Brothers Mix), Searborough, Rammstein, Giants, Asylum.

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Favourite Song: Ermons di Terra, Dive (Demo, 1988), Daydreaming, Wolfpack, hackney soap box.

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Places to Visit: "Podžaga", "Neviano", "North Platte", "Supauli", "Ulupınar".

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Best Film: The Pineapple Song (Good Size 12" Mix), Bacchus (Lat.), Some Girls Do, Dancing on the (Berlin) Wall, dragostea din tei (spike norto...).

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