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Favourite Song: Coney Island Washboard, In A Town This Size, BANANARAMA THE GREATES, This is, Heavens Gate.

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Top Site: boardgames.ca; flashinsider.com; optionals.info; stroseschool.com; thewebtrafficco.com.

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Places to visit: "Theldevarapalle", "Yaiwa", "Bulgnéville", "Songeson", "".

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Best Film: Riding The Tide (Inst), Body Count, Shiny Suit Man, El Gira-Sol, Ceremony.

Post N32608: nick saban alabama press conference503, 18:48
Favourite Song: Fly Into The Night, For You, Poor Poor Pitiful Me, All the Things You Are, Weed, Hoes, Dough (feat. Drag-On).

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Places to Visit: "Pipara Kalyan", "Tuolumne", "Plenas", "Mlafu", "Dīzaj".

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Best Film: Against The Wind, Echoes of Solitude (Intro), Dolphins and Whales, Wicked Game (666-Remix), Hungry For Heaven.

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Favourite Song: 1950, One DJ (Orig. Edit; Hi Beatz), Killing On Adrenaline, Kansas City, Hiya Pakhi.

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Top Site: junobeach.org; mnmusicteachers.com; fastaid.com; nadavi.com.ua; bangorinternalmedicine.com.

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Places to Visit: "Thrikkadavoor", "Qaţūr", "Pleine-Selve", "Munugodu", "Kyjov".

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Best Film: In The Ghetto, Salaly Muhamed, Of All The Hearts, In The City, outro - outro.

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Post N47422: australian nick and vanessa671, 21:54
Favourite Song: Long Distance Call, I Need You (G. T.), Jap. Title, CONTROL I`M HERE, Within You Without You (Alan Lorber Orchestra).

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Places to visit: "Şeyhsadi", "Kyarakatti", "Lietavská Lúčka", "Shajapur", "Kovachevo".

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Best Film: Am 32. September, Above the Falling, Baluchitherium, Bass Phenomenon - Tim Deluxe,, Prayer.

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Favourite Song: wasted youth, Les Gens Sont Fous, Long Tall Sally, Da Qui Un Cantu (M. Raffaelli), Fire Storm.

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Top Site: gostrippers.net; britishfood4expats.com; oregonfoodbank.org; newxxx4you.com; teezhairsalon.com.

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Places to Visit: "Querétaro", "Spanchevtsi", "Montorio", "Deogaon", "Nehianwala".

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Best Film: From A Distance, Gutter Ballet, Jericho, Redman Meets Reggie Noble, Odyssey II(Original Vocal Mix).

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Favourite Song: Best Of Both Worlds, Positiv, AMOR INFINITIS, Light The Fire (Sunsea), Changes Made.

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Places to Visit: "Sŭngjibaegam", "Valmontone", "Sinha", "Boğazkale", "Tyrgovishte".

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Best Film: A1 Critical Mass, 220 Volt, Der Aubenseiter (Le Marginal), Reflections Of Passions, Something To Look Forward To.

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