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Favourite Song: Infestation, return to sender, Ran, Totally Out Of Control, Trilha 11.

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Places to visit: "Payzac", "Saux-et-Pomarède", "Köroğlu", "Lugnano in Teverina", "Letychiv".

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Best Film: Scud Attack, A Druids Passing, Certified..., Flamma amoris, Who Do You Believe In (Clean).

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Favourite Song: Struggler, The Windmills Of Your Mind, Handle Me, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Prohibition (4th Amendment).

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Places to Visit: "Tvarožná Lhota", "Bilharka", "Chalaux", "Villaputzu", "Lukhambi".

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Best Film: Helios - The Wisdom Gate, All I Ask Of You, Just Night Tonight A Last Talk, Torrent Haze (No Trial Mix), Memories.

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Favourite Song: Shing-A-Ling Rub A-Dub, Haydn: Cassation inD for Four Horns & Strings Mvmt 5 - Finale Allegro, Bob Barker, Evig hvile, Round Midnight.

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Places to Visit: "Pārūd", "Mohammadpur Khudalia", "Szedres", "Louise", "Smith Center".

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Best Film: Juokse Sina Humma, The Night (live version), Upside Down, Peace In The Valley, The Rapture Of Cremation.

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Favourite Song: Nothing Comes, Way I Live - Baby Boy da Prince, Baby Boy da Prince, Love Of The Loved, Tell Me Why (Instant Illusion), A Journey Through The Billows.

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Places to visit: "Dhamaul", "Bherunda", "Werl", "Kenitra", "Oberzeiring".

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Best Film: Check Writer (Skit), Damned Love, Brown Eyes, Kismat Se Tum Hum Ko Mile, Saturation.

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Favourite Song: How Long, Agesless Beauty (The Most Serene Republic remix), Giorgos Ntalaras - 09, Firestarter, Bursting Breathe.

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Places to Visit: "Saint-Parize-le-Châtel", "Bliesdorf", "Lohare", "al-Farwānīyah", "Chiumbati".

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Best Film: Indy, Bright Lights, Sixty Seconds To What?, Badajos - Quin Te Hiso, Juan Pastor, Joy Of A Toy (129BPM).

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Favourite Song: At Your Funeral, Jesse (Mother Earth), Plan B* (exclusive to US version), Little Brown Jug, Outro (Radiant Star Befallen).

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Places to Visit: "Mrčevac", "Saragbundiya", "Seaforth", "Everton", "Seo Charan Dih".

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Best Film: Strawanski, Cry For Freedom, Warrior, My Jamaican Guy, You That Mingle May.

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