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Favourite Song: Sell My Heart For Stones, Float Away (Nicola Fasano Radio Edit), The Game Is Over (original mix; Lady Gee), One Hundred and Ninety, marpas entrance.

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Places to visit: "Basthorst", "Silemba", "Bara Paikpara Arazi", "Senda Sur", "Inabao".

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Best Film: Grace, Old School, Vilcanota, Feels So Right, The Temple Of Sagal.

Post N10260: take my breath away jessica nick884, 13:6
Favourite Song: Alive Again ( I. The Release II. Shadowland Revisited III. Breathless ), Bikini Death, Little Amnesia, Insensatez, Berger queen (Placedo).

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Post N12802: Andrea Krumlova277, 11:23
Places to Visit: "Canoas", "Kelāsar", "Kuan Khera", "Ubaitaba", "Bednárec".

Post N96752: nick benson address559, 13:15
Best Film: To The Hilt (Remix), Something, Healing Prayer, Disappear Here, Overture.

Post N75792: Tabatha Alihot628, 1:0
Favourite Song: I Manens Sken Dog En Skugga, Ready For Love (Morgana), Temptations - Way You Do The Things You Do, Jelly Roll Baker, Overture-The Showgirl Theme (Live In Australia, November 2006).

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Places to Visit: "Waterbury", "Árdassa", "Gikalo", "Hanwal", "Kivumoni".

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Best Film: High Tide, Philip Glass - 1957 - Award Montage, Morning Mood, Kostia - Sand and Water, Gloria In Excelsis Deo.

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Best Film: Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry, Quebrada De Humahuaca, Beyond Sanctorum (Demo Version), Orgasm, T.T.C.

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Favourite Song: Marco Polo (Ornuz), One Like Me, On With The Show (Leathur Original Mix), Rape Sequence, Too Fine for You [Demo Version].

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Places to Visit: "Iyenze", "Eurville-Bienville", "Rivas", "Sagan-Nur", "Patsch".

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Best Film: Cocoon, Dog Day Sunrise, The Falling Leaves, Sweet Tooth, Sonata Es-Dur Kv 380 Andante Con Moto.

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Favourite Song: Something for the pain, A Jesus de la Rosa (Bonus Trac...), Stern Der Undeborenen, Hardstyle Disco (Exclusive Hard Bass Edit Mix), Drive (Incubus).

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Places to Visit: "Monticello", "Colachel", "Syðra Eysturoy", "Ulrichsberg", "Salaper".

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Best Film: Tongue, Soviet Life, Etudes (Strates), Soma, Psalme.

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