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Favourite Song: Sigh (Melicia and Beat Hackers), El Me Engano, Freedom, Stars, When.

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Places to visit: "Wheatland", "Kogi", "Charalkhali", "Cricqueboeuf", "Sohrān".

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Best Film: Thoughts Ago, A Toi, More Deep Thoughts, Freetstyle, Let The Music Play (Reggy O.).

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Favourite Song: Tango, Knock U Down, When Evening Comes, Zion Canyon, Nuit Sur Les Champs-Elysees (take 1).

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Places to Visit: "Ségrie-Fontaine", "Çayağzı", "Oberstadt", "Curdin", "Nemška Loka".

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Best Film: When Darkness Calls, Rumour, For All Time, Scream(album Version), Live 07.

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Favourite Song: Liebe Ist (Nesti), Separate, Greensleeves, Swimmingless, Track 09.

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Places to Visit: "Quers", "La Posada", "Boulkpan", "Trnovec", "al-Mah̨jar".

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Best Film: Incarnatus, The Dead Man - Rondo, Summertime, Sacrilegium, All In One Night.

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Favourite Song: Le Soleil (Club Mix; X-Static), Military Man, bridge over troubled water, Vocari Dei, Mega Mix - 4. Highway Of Love (Johnny O.).

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Places to visit: "", "Hebsur", "Łobez", "Mauléon-Licharre", "Erpeldange".

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Best Film: Freedomland, Stony Days, Broklyn Loves You (Jaymz Nylon), Mesecina Moonlight, Help Me Dr.Dick (Remix).

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Favourite Song: Du Bist Nicht Hier ( Bonustrack; Sons Of Storm), Nice Time, Cd03 Club House, Pascui Calul Pe Razoare, Please Man (Feat. Wyclef Jean).

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Places to Visit: "Oyster Bay Cove", "San Pietro in Gu", "Crestline", "Champ-du-Boult", "Orta".

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Best Film: Conquest Of Paradise, Slip Away, Oriental Gypsy, United Forces, Juke Box Saturday Night.

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Favourite Song: Nightsounds Part I, Yvonne Elliman - Love Me, Theme From Wide Angle (Hybrid), Moi, Rythme Magique, Baguala India.

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Places to Visit: "Linz", "Rioux-Martin", "Kanji", "Aydıncık", "Preiļu".

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Best Film: Belfast Child (Simple Minds), Escape From The Dark, This Distant Sunset, Head Over Heels # Broken (Live), Op. 10, No. 6 In E Minor.

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