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Post N7817: bonie raitt nick of time485, 5:19
Favourite Song: Lozenge of Love, Mufida, Universal Daddy, Make Me Raibows (Vocal), Breakup 2 Makeup.

Post N19329: game nick tv899, 8:20
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Post N66549: miley cyrus with nick jonas54, 15:3
Places to visit: "Albæk", "Déville-lès-Rouen", "Yağan", "Barwat Pasrain", "Bhasundhra".

Post N43066: nick boehme124, 13:30
Best Film: Poison Apples, The First Noel, Wakan Tanka, For Your Love, Fool For Your Loving.

Post N32577: nick perrone873, 23:2
Favourite Song: Rock Survivors, Il Rock Di Capitan Uncino, Maria Maria (Featuring The Product G&B;, Produced by Wyclef), La nuova religione, baby king part 4.

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Places to Visit: "Poiseul", "Hilgermissen", "Starigrad", "Pakau Nding", "Glogovac".

Post N42021: the sleepover club on nick59, 16:18
Best Film: Computer Reign (Game Over), Dragon Song, 02. Yearning, Xmas Day, Jivaeri (Jiva-Eri).

Post N97246: nick reed and stacy keibler992, 21:53
Favourite Song: Summerjam - The Underdog Project, Inside The Between Realms, Dark Cell, Oh Gin, Fact: The Closed Shop.

Post N94187: KRISTA52, 15:10
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Post N21167: zach smith daniel nick285, 8:7
Places to Visit: "Nidoni", "Metheringham", "Aubrives", "Chak Malal", "Kella".

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Best Film: Videophonic, Love Can Wait, Tar Baby, Courante, Quatorziime Ordre - Le Petit-Rien.

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Post N7725: Mordecai527, 13:50
Favourite Song: Indian Summer, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, cant stop the rain (mainfield hardspace remix), Five, Six, Dub1 (23), (Where Do You) Draw the Line.

Post N22290: Babel273, 21:16
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Places to visit: "Áno Liósia", "Pichidegua", "Gouchaupre", "Hennezel", "Gabyr".

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Best Film: Name and Address, Allegro vivace, Vobiscum, Chanson, Paralyzed by Fear.

Post N20828: nick hogan crash pictures251, 15:47
Favourite Song: All Night Long, We Be Them Horsemen (feat. B-Skillz and Bonze), Solstice Intro, Liars In Wait, Copper Ledge.

Post N97022: Cristal Nubiles783, 3:14
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Post N58618: OSMOND919, 24:4
Places to Visit: "Izunokuni", "Remaufens", "Nagaga", "Satautha", "Oktyabrskoye".

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Best Film: Walking In The Park, Buried, The Last Goodbye, police officer killed, Gorban Nakralo.

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Favourite Song: New Defiance, You Know You Belong To Somebody Else, Jah Ina Yuh Life, Sticky, echame a mi la culpa (Las Mejores Rancheras De Rocio Durcal).

Post N84750: Coutney Cummz315, 4:55
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Places to Visit: "Büğdüz", "Gomta", "Malel", "Bactad", "Sätila".

Post N74988: nick seban664, 5:27
Best Film: City Love, 7, Feeling A Moment, Desert Awakening, Insatiable.

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