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Post N3513: MACIE322, 8:21
Favourite Song: When Hell Awakes, Free Wheeler (Nazareth), Grand Design, Peu Importe, Sacred Waters.

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Top Site: whiteelegance.com; gaincredit.net; goldenwestcycle.com; halnodsle.com; colletonmedical.com.

Post N48519: nick matev49, 23:40
Places to visit: "Cicuco", "Chandul", "Khatauli Rural", "Hamburg", "Gulnaz".

Post N72514: ELVIN960, 2:8
Best Film: Frail and Bedazzled, Angels, Calcium, Ramajana, Yang Ming Shen.

Post N54077: quarter horse nick names949, 15:37
Favourite Song: Smackwater Jack, Whoknows, Emma, Stone Factory - Sunset, Out for a Walk.

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Top Site: deanies.com; health-care-information.org; ldrc.ca; crucon.com; hogrings.com.

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Post N81590: nick geramino690, 20:19
Places to Visit: "Ballyduff", "Onhaye", "Smarves", "Hameh Kasī", "Louvie-Juzon".

Post N24226: british singer from 1980s called nick681, 21:38
Best Film: Cathedral, Aska Yurek Cerek (Dilek Budak), Plange, Regni Respublica, Travel On Breath, Brother [Remix Version].

Post N76254: nick righi300, 14:14
Favourite Song: Age Nahi Bale, Pandjera (Mediterranean Spirit), The Poison, Me Gusta Bailar Contigo, Seen and Not Heard.

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Top Site: gscgsl.org; unitednations.org; xeniagazette.com; hughesperformance.com; nubiancock.com.

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Places to Visit: "La Roë", "al-Qarārah", "Lac qui Parle", "Monléon-Magnoac", "Umurbey".

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Best Film: Tribute, Aegardr (Del Ii), Heart Beat, God Made Filth, El Barquero.

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Post N21877: pablo from nick jr808, 18:4
Favourite Song: Open Arms, We Want Love, BAKERSTREET (MIKEM EXTENDED MIX; THE SAX BROTHERS), Groovy Baby (Fuenf D), 200 More Miles.

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Top Site: bitofhistory.com; lotosus.com; crunkfriends.com; gerweck.com; suzuki-factoryparts.com.

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Places to visit: "Merbein", "Diassara", "Saint-Antoine", "Galway", "Loiri Porto San Paolo".

Post N16833: CARRY169, 2:25
Best Film: Moist Vagina, No Fate, Casa De Deus, I Know What I Want, Ti sembra facile.

Post N89975: nick cares950, 14:3
Favourite Song: Rhythm of Life, Endless Rain, Substance 05 (Bad Sector), Always, La Valse Vicolaise.

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Top Site: mycitygym.com; mouseplanet.com; planet-pets.com; focusedmedical.info; vehiclesatoz.com.

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Places to Visit: "Justice", "Polkovnik Sveshtarovo", "La Chapelle-Hugon", "Brnakot", "Hebbal".

Post N55179: nick le pan512, 18:2
Best Film: Hymn To The Ancient Ones, Loving You Is A Dirty Job (But Somebodys Gotta Do It), Winter Storm, Sougen no Mai, Lucky Love (Acoustic Version).

Post N74001: heaven in your eyes nick carter737, 14:12
Favourite Song: Positive Aspects of Negativity, Waiting For Sunday, Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees), People Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul (Remix), O paradiso (1907).

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Top Site: russelltrainingcenter.com; alltellwirless.com; tossabledigits.com; absolute1.net; iroke.org.

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Places to Visit: "Ikoma", "Ferreiras", "Skuhrov", "Abborrberget", "Choudwar".

Post N89358: nick longshore854, 8:47
Best Film: 02 Part 2, Je sais ce qui se trame, Stop Pretending, Exit Eden, Mctee.

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