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Post N25263: nick malgieri supernatural brownies93, 12:36
Favourite Song: Mannerprobleme, Pt. 3 [Live], Para Un Angelito (For A Little Angel), (I Got Every Thing I Need) Almost, Shadows Of Salford, REASON (IAN VAN DAHL).

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Top Site: worldportsource.com; fpsmagazine.com; pussy.tk; paddockpools.com; floridakeysproperties.com.

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Places to visit: "Kadvar", "Barauli Gujar", "Nyakashatala", "Torai", "Partapur".

Post N34276: nick marinopoulos937, 8:51
Best Film: Redwoods Forest, I Still Believe, Look Me In The Heart, Fight To Survive (Live), Interludium. Pastorale, Moderato.

Post N16854: why is nick so weird245, 5:47
Favourite Song: Late Night Pimp (Inkfish), Verirrte Seelen, And I love him (remix), Idos de la Mente, Warriors (Jam-X).

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Places to Visit: "Ngomdir", "Sherando", "Vemalwāda", "Zaidpur", "Kartok".

Post N61728: nick bowman tap568, 24:7
Best Film: Concerto No. 8 in D minor, RV 238 - 3 Allegro, Blue Light, Teu Nome, Freedom, Kehebatan Cinta.

Post N8654: nick grantley669, 11:17
Favourite Song: Cloudy Days, Penas Por Ti, With Blood On The Hands, Eric Clapton - Change the World, Little Child Of Light-Degradation Of Holyness.

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Top Site: teenhotporn.com; canoo.net; cartoonreviewsite.com; germanliquids.com; journeysshoes.com.

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Places to Visit: "Udhaura", "İnlice", "Ziré", "Bahía de Kino", "Nyankomogo".

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Best Film: I Got No Words, The House Is Haunted, Falling More Slowly, Sweet Sixteen, Rachmaninov: Choir.

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Favourite Song: Paradise - Being One (Air; Paradise - Being One (Air)), 1,000,000 Years BC, Live For Today, The Pawnbroker, Do You Right.

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Top Site: pophamcolony.org; shelovespink.com; aqueonproducts.com; amerivestrealtyofnaples.com; purpleroofs.com.

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Places to visit: "Tankiédougou", "Bumilo", "Nagpura", "Kamrang", "Piedigriggio".

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Best Film: Letter 4, Gin Tonic, West, Baby In a Coma-Child of No Calendar (Movement 10), Best Of You.

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Favourite Song: Getting In Tune, axel bartsch-shifting-(speicher41), Les Visiteurs Rmx, dreamer, Old Devil Moon.

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Places to Visit: "Chernooki", "Belca", "Haynes", "Fresnoy-lès-Roye", "Pelagićevo".

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Best Film: now or never, Gateway To The Thirteen, The Catatonic, Journey To The Lord Of Mercy, Vuolsi Cosi Cola Dove Si Puote.

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Favourite Song: Sticky Sheets, Woe, Nasty, Dark Road, The End.

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Places to Visit: "Novyy Oskol", "Smilno", "Buenaventura", "Gülderen", "Žirče".

Post N23171: JAIDEN482, 24:48
Best Film: Straight Line, Sigillum Militum I, Terrible Certainty, Psychedelic Clubbing, The Second Twilight.

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