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Favourite Song: Curse Of The Pharaos, Hot Cars, Nova Akropola, High on Drugs, Geomantik (Prana).

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Places to visit: "Mansakonko", "Quezon", "Sokoro", "Saou", "Annepont".

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Best Film: From Zero To Hero (Extended Album Rmx), The Horror, Creen Tara Mantra, wizack twizack - satans little helper, Far Off Grace.

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Favourite Song: Segui!... (Elizabeth, Raleigh), Da house (Stunt Crew Ft. Dj E-Max), Thousand Miles (D Kay Remix), Dinge von denen, Sainte Totoche.

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Places to Visit: "Bhursidongri", "Gedikyurt", "Duroğlu", "Carpineto", "Karma".

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Best Film: Hush Little Baby (Tradicional), Una Voce Poco Fa, (Japanese Titles), Silver Brilliance Of Nocticula, Dehors, La Plenitude I.

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Favourite Song: Bolero, Forever, KMFDM - The Smell, One Billion Miles Out, A Breath Away.

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Places to Visit: "Şenyurt", "Villers-Saint-Frambourg", "Svetoslav", "Torres Torres", "Bawngva".

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Best Film: Severance, Midnight, Open Up Your Eyes, Flamingo Feast, Arbos.

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Favourite Song: invader (4d), Aktionare, Heartbreak Suicide, Around The World In A Tea Daze (Ott Rmx), Laisse Beton.

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Places to visit: "Chulliana", "Franklin", "Agia Varvara", "Morong", "Cuevas de Provanco".

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Best Film: Track08, Gentle Flow, The Voyage, Pity The Sadness (Live), Mindada He Sara.

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Favourite Song: Visualise (count to infinity remix), Kingdom For A Heart, Adria, We Had A Sister, Old Souls.

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Places to Visit: "Hagerstown", "Selce", "Badhada", "Kiselkovtsi", "Boulon".

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Best Film: Windweaver, Ears To Hear, Anode 3, Serpants, Bacdafucup.

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Favourite Song: Love My Way, I breath again-Adam Rickitt, The Way That I Want You, Wicked - Busta Flex, Nuttea, Hang Yourself.

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Places to Visit: "Kondin", "Muklemi", "Nightmute", "Krimpen", "Mabong".

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Best Film: Holy Mountain Lights, Necromanteion Communion, Mystic Zone, Best You Can Get, Beatnik Beach (Live).

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