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Favourite Song: Suffer, shimmy shake, Just Lose It, Into The Seas, Ska Sucks.

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Places to visit: "Kalecik", "Sawanga", "Saralıalaca", "Dammfleth", "Trizay-Coutretot-Saint-Serge".

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Best Film: thrown through window, Norwegian Wood, Straw Anxious, Tropic Of Love, Gecko.

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Favourite Song: In The Arms Of This Low, People - Barbra Streisand, She Loves Me 4 Me, Bleeding Orange (Mantis Mix), Sleeping with the Fishes, See?.

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Best Film: Lend Me Your Comb, Wir Warten Auf Den Tod, Radio Sol, Temporary Heroes, And I Love Her So.

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Places to Visit: "Luker", "Binzen", "Neemgaon", "Espaon", "Windsor".

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Best Film: For Wis and Ramin, Ocean Suite - Part 2, The Extremist, Quick As A Day, Intro.

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Places to visit: "Yassigüme", "Palhallan", "Amadhara", "Gehren", "Čachrov".

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Best Film: Long Long Nite, White Out, Away, High On Emotion, Death Bells Ii.

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Favourite Song: The Dub and The Restless (Sonic Boom), Just To Walk That Little Girl Home, Metamorfose Ambulante, Disco boy, A Fool For You.

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Places to Visit: "Da Nang", "Stow", "Calberlah", "Smithton", "Potter".

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Best Film: Atlantic, Ethernal Ban, All Blues, Mission Ground, Thank You Girl Take 2 3 4.

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Favourite Song: Quiero Perderme Contigo, La Javanaisie, Bla Bla Bla, Pavarotty, Serpent.

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Places to Visit: "Aliej", "Bhainsori", "Sainte-Gemme-la-Plaine", "Guiddé", "Aranno".

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Best Film: Childish Dream, Beriberi, Love With Animal, Freedom [Instrumental], Way It Is.

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