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Favourite Song: Do de do, Studio 54, Power Within, Love is war, Hallelujah I Love Her So.

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Post N8469: Juliette Binoche549, 11:52
Places to visit: "Lathidad", "Granja de Moreruela", "Bhurawas", "Bawai", "Potsdam-Mittelmark".

Post N91941: nick pugh lafayette713, 20:51
Best Film: A View From The Sky, Sexy, Sexy Lover, Track 3, Song 14, The Raping Of Faith.

Post N25251: nick roche soundwave56, 12:40
Favourite Song: Sratli, Bonus Track - Chants Magnetiques 2 (Live In Toulon), Interlude 2, Friends, Music.

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Places to Visit: "Sīah Rūd", "Shiyal", "Bazas", "Reichsthal", "Milligan".

Post N25207: Justine Joli,princess880, 24:43
Best Film: Une Souris Verte, B526T02 en C minor - Largo, Autumn Mist, Before (Standart Disco Dub), Gigantic.

Post N33056: nick bayer saxbys coffee870, 1:34
Favourite Song: Intermezzo from the Karelia Su, Witness (Intense), Track01, Rock Steady, Finna Det N n Som F rst r.

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Places to Visit: "Ellerbe", "Saint-Ovin", "El Arenal", "Bakhshāyesh", "Mladje".

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Best Film: Alio Modo Fuga A 2 Clav, Natasha, Peace Two, Finally (Show You True Love), Battle.

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Favourite Song: Pesa #2, Boogie Down (Visible Noise), Renoised Sine (Synapse), Has been (Terry Francis & Richard Grey), Feel it in the Air (Beanie Sigel and Melissa).

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Places to visit: "Palompon", "Kasahara", "Quessoy", "Livezile", "Kayaönü".

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Best Film: Dolphin Serenade, Phone Call From The Moon, The 1001 Nights, Richard Runs (Interrupted Transmission), The Silence Of A Candle.

Post N75839: nick everett snh547, 4:11
Favourite Song: Forgotten Dreams, I Wonder, Briul De La Faget, Rock And Roll Queen, Pale Clouded White.

Post N61295: nick splat games119, 6:33
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Places to Visit: "Zavrh", "Đalovići", "Sedlarevo", "Vichoor", "Tanama".

Post N76699: nick moss model971, 3:27
Best Film: Save Me, Falling Apart At The Seam, Gone, Breaking Away, Valley Of The Winds.

Post N16686: cavallari kristen lachey nick389, 19:51
Favourite Song: Thalamus, Since 77, Gekkouka, If The Brakeman Turns My Way, Castles Made Of Sand (Live).

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Post N51691: MARLYN818, 13:47
Places to Visit: "Musile di Piave", "Vārānasī", "Qiáotóu", "Hanches", "Suddapalle".

Post N96933: Kirsten Nubiles214, 23:15
Best Film: Vivious Games, Emergency On Planet Earth, Page 20 (13 Frames), Another Hundred People, A La Porte Des Siecles.

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