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Favourite Song: Hold Me Tight Take 26, S1 Onto Take 24, Animatronic (Tim Schuldt), Writerz Blok, Artis, Equinox.

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Places to visit: "Chanos-Curson", "Aspenstedt", "Balvano", "Aghauli", "Přechovice".

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Best Film: Garden Of Roses, Forever Came Today, Ohne Heimat, See Through Dreams, Cliche (Live At The Las Vegas Hilton).

Post N95994: popular nick names for staraptor59, 15:20
Favourite Song: The Hidden Cage 1, Marizibill, Lullabye (Aria), Vocoder, In Houses.

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Places to Visit: "Penha de Franca", "New Tusom", "Mauerstetten", "Georgi Dobrevo", "Bezange-la-Petite".

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Best Film: Norrgarden Nyvla, Rainforest, Something, People Are People, New Blues.

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Favourite Song: Gimme Dat Harp Boy, TERRA MIA, Paint, Living, un amore vuol dire.

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Best Film: Desire and Delusion, As We Speak, Hayn-Hayn, The Games, Forever Heaven Gone.

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Best Film: Poison, The Last Eagle, 2, Cycle, Star Spangled Banner.

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Best Film: New Style 2000, Ave Verum Corpus, Warm Air Rising, Purple Fall, Space Rock.

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Favourite Song: New Classicism, Deadbeat Dad, Speak Ya Clout, 7th St. Entry, 700241 9340 61449 I Nominate U 205 4:34 7020274.

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Places to Visit: "Blue Earth", "Punnala", "Bagh", "Asangaon", "Kangula".

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Best Film: Midnight Moonlight, Trouble, Ascension, Spirit Of Scorpio, Men Without God.

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