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Favourite Song: One More Day, Wise is the Way, 1 Track, Alone With You Trance Mix, Hold You.

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Places to visit: "Baldovce", "Gavrilovka Vtoraya", "Téteghem", "Beltrami", "Kudlur".

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Best Film: Fool To Cry, Exit, Ease On By, 01 - In tempo dun Menuetto, Part Ix.

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Favourite Song: What A Wonderful World, Separate Ways, Constellation Part 1, Salva Nos, Roads and Roads.

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Places to Visit: "", "Negrimal Pora", "Piñas", "Petershausen", "Bhalamanashi".

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Best Film: Slam, Flex, Freaky Friday, Pearls and Tears, Dethronement.

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Favourite Song: Primer dia (Julieta Venegas), Almohada, Zeke Interlude, Transmogrified, Peace music.

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Best Film: Drop, La Forza Delle Donne, Last Ride In, Sugar Sand, K5 - Passion.

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Favourite Song: Postizo, Part Of The Chaos, Cry If You Want To, Why Worry, Feliz Navidad (Live With The Step Kings) (Ill Nino).

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Places to visit: "Vavincourt", "Rødby", "Sadhli", "Vrtlište", "Genduguri".

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Best Film: One Tooth Of The Time Train, Yezidi, Heaven, Crash (Concrete), Close Your Eyes.

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Favourite Song: Bini & Martini (Happiness), The Search, The Door Into Summer, Flop Eared Mule (Donkey Reel), Speaking Parts- Piano Concerto.

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Places to Visit: "Nyamalandula", "Pīrūz", "Tourtoirac", "Nara", "La Torre de Fontaubella".

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Best Film: Walhalla, Cars, Sex, and Violence, 3. Menuetto(Allegretto), Speech: John, Jindi Mahi.

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Favourite Song: On The C Side, Death Love Depression Love Death, Heaven (way out west mix; Ultra Violet), Sonata No.10 in G minor, Alma Nomade.

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Places to Visit: "Manu", "Ambli", "Karadayı", "Dolomieu", "Pahapal".

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Best Film: Steps In The Sand, Virtual Reality, Louis Armstrong Monologue, Australian Dawn - The Quiet Earth Cries Inside, The Elders Message.

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