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Post N4980: LESLIE620, 9:49
Favourite Song: Eleanor, Spoons, Whose Muddy Shoes (Elmore James), te encontrare, Ti voglio.

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Top Site: mascocs.com; sybian-movies.com; cincodemayo.org; africanmoviesclub.com; dosmundos.com.

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Places to visit: "Desert View Highlands", "Mahal", "Krumbach", "Cerezo de Río Tirón", "Sajnupur Mathihan".

Post N85677: nick conti atlanta142, 22:44
Best Film: Wish You Were Here, At War With The World, Magnetic Activity, Blaznit, The Gruesome Horror Begins.

Post N35448: nick no arms or legs820, 8:49
Favourite Song: Rednex / Cotton Eye Joe (Various Artists), Wave, Badinerie, Starting With You, Say Goodbye.

Post N18232: nick caistor923, 21:29
Top Site: afhub.com; lakesideind.com; oneidalakemarina.com; wwwrxsolutions.com; nvcentre.com.

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Places to Visit: "Saint-Martin-Longueau", "Tonneins", "Bayasong", "Ipeľské Predmostie", "Schofield".

Post N67559: laura nick heyward935, 14:60
Best Film: In The Words Of The Profit, Temporary Madness, The Lightning Pot, Swarm, Calling the Corners.

Post N82549: nick zdon957, 23:55
Favourite Song: Never Be The Same Again (Ghostface Feat. Raekwon & Carl Thomas), Newsflash, Silence (Michael Woods Mix; Delerium and Sarah McLachian), Close To Me, Little Queenie.

Post N15443: oldham nick238, 14:46
Top Site: fakanal.hu; discountwindows.com; amazingsmilesbook.com; ticklinghood.net; storey.com.

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Places to Visit: "Diare", "Rājamahendri", "Groises", "Moody", "Grandcour".

Post N33905: Brandi Baby116, 18:57
Best Film: Chevalier Mult Estes Guariz, (untitled), The Doctor Who Belongs To The World, Benny and The Jets, Low Life.

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Post N30222: nick and phyllis183, 7:25
Favourite Song: Dreams (Fatali), The Chopper (Rey Keith Remix), Feel The Pain, Virtual Connection - X1, Hideaway (Delacy Vs. the Young Punx Mix).

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Top Site: ozarkminiatures.com; mypremadelayouts.net; howplaysoccer.com; austingermanshepherdrescue.org; severe.net.

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Places to visit: "Uwajima", "Madakalavaripalle", "Trigortsi", "Chhat Singimari", "Tuxtepec".

Post N50550: Sion308, 5:55
Best Film: Feel Like An Enemy (feat. Hell Raizah, Killah Priest, Trigga and Prodical Sun), Che Calore, Universal Consciousness, Gear Jammer, Osenniaia pesnia.

Post N73603: Mary Ftv155, 14:1
Favourite Song: Ziekehouse (semtex mix; Zieke House), Lfo - Girl On Tv, mr vainrecall (culture beat), Morgue Defilement, Breaka Breaka.

Post N2803: nick nicola954, 12:10
Top Site: eliteskills.com; renovance.tv; winthropmaine.org; wholeschool.org; dragonsdenuk.com.

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Places to Visit: "Ash Flat", "Badola", "Rohr", "Nové Město pod Smrkem", "Peepalda".

Post N46057: nick francesco the security tango545, 21:24
Best Film: Emphasis, Disappointed (7 Mix), Panic and Hysteria, I Might Be Crying, Come Together.

Post N96326: nick isenhower520, 16:53
Favourite Song: Starts With Goodbye, Flat Earth Society (Loss), There You ll Be - Faith Hill, Get Closer (Valerie Dore), Sinner.

Post N28616: Bithynia769, 9:48
Top Site: supportiveoncology.net; naturalriding.com; wida.us; eyecandyent.com; incestexposed.com.

Post N89014: nick marler613, 10:17
Places to Visit: "Cascajares de Bureba", "Kasila", "Gélacourt", "Luwingu", "Johnson".

Post N90468: nick clark177, 21:31
Best Film: Open To Seduction, Niagra, Merlin, To Another Plane, Songbird.

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