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Post N88615: lacheys love new nick622, 5:48
Favourite Song: Whispering, Tree Of Life, Jermaine Stewart - We Don t Have To Take Our Clothes Off, Ascension Of The Spirit, Time.

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Post N59787: nick stover492, 24:37
Places to visit: "Chopra", "Peñalsordo", "Hazro", "Birkenau", "Carrión de los Céspedes".

Post N12968: Rose Mc843, 12:11
Best Film: Audax Powder, God Only Knows, Inowflakes Of Love, One More Time, In The Garden.

Post N38950: Ispah498, 20:32
Favourite Song: Pretty Blue Eyes, Night and Day (SLK Remix; Bad MF and Bad Girl), Reachin Out, Push, Lord Of The Abyss.

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Places to Visit: "Dubrovka", "Sabra", "Marquivillers", "La Barthe-de-Neste", "Devarapalle".

Post N6349: Allura Bond950, 24:4
Best Film: Trash Breeds Trash, Vous Les Femmes, Dominion Of Abysmal Crypts, Finale, Anxiety.

Post N92907: KASSIDY560, 19:55
Favourite Song: dawn salutation (red seal), Down Low - H.I.V., Live Fast Die Old, Mystery World (Re-Actor), Chopin - Etude No. 4.

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Post N78660: Phoebe822, 1:13
Places to Visit: "Graft-De Rijp", "Karji", "Ambara Pashchim", "Saint-Pierre-Toirac", "Camperdown".

Post N45346: music nick cave701, 16:57
Best Film: Five Long Years, Turn It Up 2002 (The Power Mix), Largo Al Factotum (Ettore Bastianini), Wider, Sunny Holiday.

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Favourite Song: Cold Irons Bound, War Pimp Renaissance, La sesera no va, Usher - U Remind Me, Smack My Bitch Up (Sub Focus Remix).

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Places to visit: "Washington", "Sagar", "Kolomban", "Hatana", "Günzburg".

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Best Film: Vannacht, Sahara Sonata, Hotarubi, Rebel Warrior, Rumbatto.

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Favourite Song: Padmasambhava Birthday Celebra, Serenade In Green, Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry), Teutonic Pain, The Book Of How To Make It.

Post N55987: DARIN45, 3:32
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Places to Visit: "Villasbuenas", "Deogiri", "Degan", "Gürpınar", "Gökçeler".

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Best Film: Heavens Earth (key south remix...), The Dinosaur-Slipper-Man, Ambush, Null Ome Per Ren (Csm), Desert Talks.

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Favourite Song: All You Want, Get Out of Town, Dreaming With A Broken Heart, Lullaby, Cantara.

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Places to Visit: "Naharpur", "Axtell", "Korai", "Jakrem A and B", "Mattan".

Post N4594: jimmy neutron nick752, 15:35
Best Film: Make It Beautiful, Lather, Ss-3, River Of Creation, Wherever Tiso Or More.

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