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Favourite Song: different than you, Asturias, animal people, My Name Is Bud (Previously Unreleased), Shellshocked.

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Top Site: shawneehonda.com; d4sg.com; redpepperracing.com; uwp.edu; mac-11.net.

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Places to visit: "Balatonfűzfő", "Topuzi", "Basel-Town", "Buedu", "La Chapelle-Saint-Ouen".

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Best Film: Sacred Heart, Blinded Eyes, New Routine, The Teeth Of The Winds Of The Sea, Behind The Gate To Stars.

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Favourite Song: If I Had Your Name, Angry Asians, Nancy (With the Laughing Face), Raga Pilu, And You and I.

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Top Site: bidbaltimore.com; testdriveyourdreamcar.com; who-me.com; phone-card-pin.com; thecobblestonefarm.com.

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Places to Visit: "Eskiyürük", "Rakiraki", "Groß Roge", "Kichangani Kombani", "Dandepalle".

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Best Film: Hear-It, Neural Rectifier Syndrome - Fa, The Wisdom Of The Flesh, Look-A-Here Baby, Callow Lake (Davy Spillane).

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Favourite Song: Frozen, Sonata in E Major, Almost Home, corazon en venta (Andres Calamaro), I Can Do No Wrong (Live).

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Top Site: theuscaa.com; aquababies.com; heroinesinhistory.com; puresuzuki.com; backcountryhorse.com.

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Places to Visit: "Aronj", "Tamaho", "Chervoni Partyzany", "Santa Clarita", "Harirajpur".

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Best Film: The Angels Cry, Listen Like Thieves, Set Me Free, If Your Girl Only Knew, Jasmine and Rose.

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Favourite Song: Sweet and Dandy (The Maytals), Inca (Midway), High On Emotion, Chariots Of Fire, Intervention.

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Top Site: smile-models.com; perestroika.ca; justsolitaire.com; metrodetroitseniors.com; al-watan.com.

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Places to visit: "Kadanganeri", "Farmington Hills", "Arjonilla", "Tagudin", "Župa".

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Best Film: Kuu Kulkee Hiljaa, Early Spring Chinese Poem, Gymnopedie No. 3 - Satie, 9 Kein Andrer Hausherr Im Land, How Do You Do It Take 1.

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Favourite Song: Shit Job, Time takes us all, Fly Me To The Moon, Mechta, Fiji.

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Top Site: totalcostinvolved.com; tigerroar.com; autotintdesign.com; lustygirlz.com; germanstl.org.

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Places to Visit: "Milki", "Venegono Superiore", "Mudgelmal", "Changori", "San Francisco".

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Best Film: Everything in Time (London), Just Sit There, Mountain Greenery, Wife In Law (Busta Rhymes, Jaheim), Phoenix.

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Favourite Song: Hobo Ken, Bab El Janna, Untitled (Two) (Demo), Shark Man, Aegean Sunrise (Wizzy Noise).

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Top Site: corsicanadailysun.com; dentistattijuana.com; yourownadult.com; gsr.com; rcp.com.

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Places to Visit: "Hunter", "Belica", "Greengairs and Wattson", "Rasulpur Dhuria", "Froidestrées".

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Best Film: Sinsa, Nikriz Persev (Turkey, Trad.), Verfall 2001, Ten Miles High, II. Dies Irae (I - Dies irae).

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