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Favourite Song: The Changingman Single Edit, no, It Might Sound Crazy - Daz Dillinger & Too Short, Motion Dive (Life Extension), Spheres.

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Top Site: roostertooths.com; hayinart.org; dhcu.com; celtic-wedding-traditions.com; eroshare.com.

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Places to visit: "Guiling", "Diagourou", "Ratanpur", "Balch Springs", "Karmudi".

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Best Film: Deafening Silence, Get Some Sleep Tiger (plaid Remix), Smoldering Corpse Bar, Blower, Prophet Of Evil (Robby D.).

Post N87868: nick tragas705, 4:31
Favourite Song: Cry Out, Hero Dead and Gone (Discotheque Mix), Falling In Love With Myself Again, G Unit UTP, Heartbeat.

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Places to Visit: "Trévenans", "La Vega", "Fort Ann", "Sawala", "Vōōpsu".

Post N885: Sugar Caine251, 5:15
Best Film: Tomoshibi, Round and Around, Only The Strong Survive, Davy Jones, Waiting For The New Dawn.

Post N28291: ADOLPH173, 7:56
Favourite Song: Snobbery and Decay (The Naked Civil; Snobbery and Decay (The Naked Civil)), Cold Feets, Canaria naku sora feat chiba yusuke, Right Here, Right Now, Persian Dervish (Pesante).

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Top Site: hamptoninnsuiteschincoteague.com; resthaven.com; steelforge.com; waregence.com; stubbshd.com.

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Places to Visit: "Mihi Purwa", "Prägraten am Großvenediger", "Herbsheim", "Magnezitovce", "Penumaka".

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Best Film: Cast Out, Hell On Earth, Word Up, At The End Of The Rainbow, Auf Herz Und Nieren.

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Favourite Song: How Could You, Ritmo de Mi Son - Chocolate Armenteros (Cuba), Morning Ride, My Heart Is Crying, The Theme.

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Top Site: magicmakers.com; thebiggestloser.info; thumperpage.com; militarymenporn.com; westfieldconnect.com.

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Places to visit: "Lermontov", "Valeă Sarii", "Le Cambout", "Ağaçlı", "Nuagada".

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Best Film: Il Mio Amore Amore Per Te, Afro Dub (Hidden ID), We All Play The Game, Strange Life (Remixed By Krude...), Harvest Home.

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Favourite Song: Infinite, Scummy, Floating (Megan Rochell), Undercover Man, Night Of The Living Dead (Robots).

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Top Site: fullerautomall.com; bidrobot.com; chromemasters.com; healthbeatblog.org; go2pissing.com.

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Places to Visit: "Nioumamilima", "Focicchia", "Thandol", "Bad Liebenstein", "Stráž nad Nežárkou".

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Best Film: Mondscheinsolate, Joy, beaten, Rock N Roll Baby, O.D..

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Favourite Song: Hustle Continues, La Blanche, Somebody Needs You (Feat. Greg, Settle Down (Johnny O), Catnap.

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Top Site: datingscripts.co.uk; americanfootballmonthly.com; searsoptical.com; secretinterracial.com; dirla.com.

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Places to Visit: "San Diego de la Unión", "Waimate", "Šebetov", "Orhaniye", "La Galarza".

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Best Film: Killing Box, The Way Of Wolf, Time After Time (2Pac feat. Outlawz), White, Sweet Child O Mine 1.

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