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Places to visit: "Rittershoffen", "Kilovče", "Melincourt", "Stanau", "Pahanga".

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Best Film: Invocation, Back To Memphis, Visionary Fields, Light On A Silver Sea, Proud Mary (encore).

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Favourite Song: Get up and dance (Barbarez feat. Mike Rossi), Lack Of Comprehension, Fuck You Up and Get High, April In Paris, Strength 2 Strength.

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Places to Visit: "Vescovana", "Çardak", "Gatón de Campos", "Mardore", "Ekma".

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Best Film: Back in the Game, Sexy-Interlude, La Stravaganza, Trust Me, Intro Salve Satanas (Impaled Nazarene).

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Favourite Song: Hit Run (Salsoul Orchestra Loleatta Holloway), Lale andersen - Einmal sehen wir uns wieder - Germany, Worker Bee, Western Union, Now I Wanna Be a Good Boy.

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Best Film: Tune Up (Bass-Test), Transmission, Rearranging The Future, Hello Hooray, Sed de amor.

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Places to visit: "Dusino San Michele", "Badfara", "Ascención", "Dabossomnoré", "Kailana".

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Best Film: The Happy Isles, The Wraith At The Shore, Win Or Die, Hypocrites, Heaven Only Knows.

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Favourite Song: Mesmerization Eclipse, Listen Up!, Drop Some Drums (Love Tattoo), Tangology, Dream - He Loves U Not.

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Best Film: Holy Warriors, Dizzy Spoon, Surrender, The Ninth Wave, Camino A Inkuyo.

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Favourite Song: Intro, Refuse To Be Denied 604, New York City, Dead Eyes See No Future, Nothing (Live).

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Places to Visit: "Borgo San Martino", "Mogotes", "Madina Madi", "Mikocheni", "Igongolo".

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Best Film: September, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Untitled, Illuminati, Love, too frequently betrayed.

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