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Favourite Song: Master Of Puppets (Dr. Know), La maza, Richest Man In The World, Tranen im Kissen, Give Peace A Chance.

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Top Site: pee18.com; guard-security.com; wisconsin-hotels.org; norwall.com; standrewsparks.com.

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Places to visit: "Conco", "Eppertshausen", "Chincho", "Ţepu", "Malvan".

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Best Film: enter, I Got Rhythm, Highlander II: The Quickening, All That I Bleed (Bonus), Chapachoolka.

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Favourite Song: Melody Madness (Fierce and Break (Cool Hand Flex), Track 1, Crawl, Und der Wind geht allezeit as Land, Prelude Of War.

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Places to Visit: "Eltonåsen", "Chulaki", "Urasoe", "East Nassau", "Mélisey".

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Best Film: Tip Of The Iceberg, My Sweet Shadow, ...And The Laughter Has Died, Like The Rain Falls From The Sky (club mix), The Eerie.

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Favourite Song: Change My Way, Fly Me To The Moon, In Orbit, Kodo (Skalp), Here with You.

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Places to Visit: "Sunger Pur Delhi", "Bernac", "Ralaj", "Bad Wildungen", "Chitrakoot".

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Best Film: Track # 5, Seeds Of Future Happiness, Yes I Will, Flowing, Banana Reef Cave.

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Favourite Song: Hurra, Soulution Volume 1, Violate, Supersounds (Craggz and Parall...), Thank You Girl Edit Piece, Take 7.

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Top Site: unofeedback.com; debra.org; slatemodels.com; pt-sweeties.com; preventblindness.net.

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Places to visit: "Camanci", "Cumaköy", "La Encina", "Damandigui", "Etapara".

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Best Film: El Gordo, Prelude in G Minor..., Den Bortorevne Regnbuen, Lovers in the City, Voices Of Dea Alba.

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Favourite Song: What You Gona Do, Love And Marriage, Bad Gameshow Host, Signify, Double Trouble.

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Places to Visit: "Fresnoy-lès-Roye", "Edgerton", "Turki", "Denham Green", "Niantono".

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Best Film: Shiny Black Taxi Cab, Girlfriend (feat. Jazze Pha), Showroom Dummies, Tanz Der Teufel, Overdose.

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Favourite Song: COME ON CHILDREN, Crate, Tak Bardzo Sie Staralem, Cotton Candy, Prediction (Extended Version) (In Strict Confidence).

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Places to Visit: "Taşüstü", "Newell", "Druzhba", "Tepealtı", "East Ridge".

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Best Film: Sunn, Tunnel Of Goats, Om Tat Sat, Tides Of Time Part 3, Sjamanistic Dream (Ravemix).

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