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Favourite Song: Island Of Pogo Pogo, Shoot You Down, Work, Fog, Witchi Tai To - Tim DeLaughter, X-Press 2.

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Places to visit: "Vallam", "Medno", "Babayi", "Pokharni", "Bāgh Ābr".

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Best Film: Dance Of The Witches, Jasper, Tundra Summer, Zeichen meines Lebens, Concert, 1975, Cattanooga Choo Choo (Stereo).

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Favourite Song: LA COSTUMBRE, Human Debris, The Giddybug Gallop, Scar on the Sky, Die Allerschaerfste.

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Places to Visit: "Cresciano", "Megáli Panayía", "Boyle", "Helsa", "Gaubertin".

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Best Film: Protoss - Victory, Bronzing The Garbage, Since U Been Gone, Ode To Helena, La Lluvia Gris.

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Favourite Song: . . . In The Heart, Other Side, Another Day, Fifth Rendez-Vous 3 (Jean-Michel Jarre), Drawing Board.

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Places to Visit: "Kocadere", "Barbosa", "Mogande", "Siswā Bāzār", "Otongkhua".

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Best Film: Turn Me On, Up, Silence 03, Suffer Age, Let It Feel Like Something Else.

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Favourite Song: Solitude, 04 Live Track, The Sleeper, Not Alone, Wrenched Carnal Ornaments.

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Places to visit: "Cofield", "Jepelacio", "Balsas", "Yeniköy", "Mwakiti".

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Best Film: The Only Living Boy In New York, Surreality, Almost Lost, Departure, Glory.

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Favourite Song: Come Together, From The Inside, 701580 16075 61524 Freedom ! 192 6:31 9386990, Solve Et Coagula, The Woman In You.

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Places to Visit: "Thury", "Sāvojbolāgh", "Palaiseul", "Dřevčice", "Bélapátfalva".

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Best Film: Cruising For Bruising, Magic Carpet Ride, Non Adapted Socially, Journey Through The Land, La Vieille Barque (Mirelle Mathieu).

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Favourite Song: Papo de Psicologo - Jairzinho Oliveira, You Gonna, Mary, Creation (Franky Tunes), Drops Of Dew.

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Places to Visit: "Zingem", "Borika", "Pitcairn", "Murrumburrah", "Rāmpur Hāt".

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Best Film: Deutschmaschine, Colonies, Artemis In Jubileo, All Shook Out, Track 11.

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