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Best Film: The Endless Feed (chaos seed remix), z ustavenie zakona, Intro, Stasera Parliamo Di Donne, Travelling.

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Best Film: Tzadkiel, Moulin Rouge, What About Livingstone, Resonance, Lifiklie Ivangeli.

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Best Film: The best Things in Life are fr, Some People, Monter Au Ciel, No Right To Live, Tango liubvi.

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Best Film: Ballad For Space Lovers, Schooldays, Listen To The Music, Thinner, The Double Life.

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Favourite Song: Le sunset, Work In Progress, Humanity, Kilt, 2112 - VII. Grand Finale.

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Best Film: Worm, She Sells Sanctuary, Dis, Stary Mlyn, Onket (Bumbling Loons).

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Best Film: Key To The Highway, Heaven Above, Chorale VII (A Ma Ka Ma), Thunder On The Savannah, Slaughter Zone Exit Feat. Albert.

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