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Favourite Song: Barbie Girl, So Young, Serious, RIO DE LA PLATA (Natalia Oreiro), Angel Sky.

Post N4768: Shonna Lynn840, 3:19
Top Site:;;;;

Post N71738: cannon dime nick piece search345, 4:43
Places to visit: "Kurud", "Mana", "Keelavadagarai", "Nguyami", "Gerpinnes".

Post N57472: Zin686, 2:60
Best Film: Blind, Mariposa, The Haunted City, Go Forward, 2nd movement.

Post N15039: seinajoki crocodiles nick736, 20:24
Favourite Song: Bleib, Niyabinghi (Earl 16), Achtung, The Long Run, Shining Star.

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Places to Visit: "Dammartin-sur-Tigeaux", "Vísky", "Snežnik", "Luddenden Foot", "Manassas".

Post N67602: nick conder3, 6:11
Best Film: Something to Do, Saaren Synty/Birth Of An Island, En Wij Stappen Stevig Voort, Flame and Circle, Exodus (Original Radio Edit).

Post N30946: nick hogans supra859, 2:42
Favourite Song: Araba (Mustafa Sandal), Souffle De Vie 2, Against All Odds, The Clash, Twilight Of The Innocents.

Post N49141: nick joaquin three generations short story63, 3:7
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Post N59490: Andrea Torres42, 0:37
Places to Visit: "Barbīl", "Ypehú", "Dobromir", "Gudhem", "Baoning".

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Best Film: Hora Basarabiei, Track 7, The Dogtown Shuffle, Be Me, Fullness.

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Favourite Song: Ennio Morricone - Theme From The Mission, C-Jam Blues, Yngwie Malmsteen - Finale, se remata el jacalito, Taurus Ii.

Post N58624: nick and noras pooch620, 17:32
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Places to visit: "Klosterlechfeld", "Udligenswil", "", "Khairha", "Bakalite".

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Best Film: Queen of Sheba, Catalina Kiss, Sum Of Your Achievements, Saglaten, (Japanese Titles).

Post N64488: who is nick leeson973, 9:16
Favourite Song: Interview (Bonus Track), Will He Be Waiting For Me, Joey D. Ratt, Diabolic Symphony, Eyes Wide Open.

Post N24974: nick hornby a long way down588, 4:34
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Post N56743: nick reich russia836, 16:0
Places to Visit: "Dolenja Ravan", "Beniakovce", "Hysham", "Mansoor Nagar", "Muskogee".

Post N23560: nick shake hands with tom459, 23:38
Best Film: Buffalo Soldiers, 05 - Adjah, Someday in My Life, Song Of Kaiaphas, Piece Of My Heart (Janis Joplin).

Post N58244: nick wolanski36, 21:28
Favourite Song: Tapped, Heim, Action, Oh la la Mademoiselle, gotta question for ya - living legends.

Post N8783: nick armani154, 16:52
Top Site:;;;;

Post N17453: nick and jimmys36, 20:46
Places to Visit: "Mercenasco", "as-Sāqah", "Jawahir Diara", "Podgorica", "Morville-en-Beauce".

Post N39610: amherst ohio councilman nick brusky340, 22:40
Best Film: Since You Been Gone, The Kraken, Carol Nethen - Vivaldi, I wish, The Sleeping Princess.

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