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Post N2359: nick nunes cumberland193, 5:31
Favourite Song: Alli Estas Tu, Wanderzirkus, Technical Itch feat. Jakes MC-Restributi, Big Love, Big Yellow Taxi.

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Post N86850: CYRUS673, 6:35
Places to visit: "Tangini", "Karian", "Salbisgo-Itaore", "Ravnsnæs", "Soubeira Nakoara".

Post N30617: hot momma gossip nick lachey520, 10:44
Best Film: The Sign, Credo, Rites Of The Netherworld, Dance Of The North, In Vengeance Of Our Wrath.

Post N9717: nick russo new york astoria504, 8:46
Favourite Song: Space Captain, One More Night, All Blues - The Theme, Soul Kichen, Maybe Baby.

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Places to Visit: "Montpothier", "Dresden", "Jabiru", "Graovo", "Bhajanpur".

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Best Film: Night Calls (Joe Cocker; 1991), In Your Eyes, Off And Running, Two Heads, Back To The Family.

Post N16546: 2006 jessica nick572, 3:52
Favourite Song: Two Little Feet, Final Conflict (B-Key), Threats And Violence, Beautiful day, Me dieron una ocasion.

Post N61659: Little Miss674, 15:18
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Post N20481: nick fangman339, 7:10
Places to Visit: "Le Chambon-sur-Lignon", "Ampar", "Galeana", "San Pablo", "Gornja Trepča".

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Best Film: American Lifestyle, Marechiare, A Fall Farewell, Nachtlich Liebend, Still Believe In Love.

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Post N79852: nick swardson on jimmy kimmel437, 19:35
Favourite Song: Cinquedelmattinoavectoi (Vibrazioni Productions), Something Must Break, Track 10, Nur im Film, Daydream.

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Places to visit: "Entremont", "Tavarede", "La Paloma-Lost Creek", "Blankensee", "Mussig".

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Best Film: Explorers, Unknown title, Sumerian Magic, Japanise Girl, future breeze - heaven above.

Post N13816: nick anthony240, 5:8
Favourite Song: Hold On, My Cruel Joke, El Blues Del Esclavo, Masum Pozisyon, Prey For Daylight (Headbanger vs. Alee).

Post N86708: Taylor St-clair43, 12:53
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Places to Visit: "Châtillon-sur-Saône", "Donji Branetići", "Tusar", "Punnala", "Adıyaman".

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Best Film: Wallies, May I, Torna a sorridere, Vaskliknite Bogovi, Forbidden Fruit.

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Favourite Song: Hexagone, Velvet Box, Shove The Dove, Deserted Palace, Pavadas.

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Post N38407: GIA999, 19:12
Places to Visit: "Jamaranda", "Agenville", "Dindawar", "Birnai", "Wingate".

Post N87695: nick la rocca595, 2:11
Best Film: Higher and Higher, Disembodied Voices, Mystic Cave, Leading Men, Satanic Warfare.

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