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Post N88101: nick caman131, 1:50
Favourite Song: Sweet Baby, English Scheme, On Tha Block No.1, Piece of My Heart (The Ikettes), Careless Eyes.

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Post N7285: nick saccomano369, 2:35
Places to visit: "Dashtī", "Peor es Nada", "Cantal", "Tamura", "Flesland".

Post N73909: nick carter and kevin richardson707, 2:36
Best Film: Quintennaissance, He Say She Say (feat. P-dise), Bleeding Heart, Seid Uns Zum Zweiten Mal Willkommen, The Sound Of San Francisco (Pop Radio Version).

Post N40148: nick stevens357, 2:5
Favourite Song: Antichrist supestar (Messiah mix), Non aspetto nessuno, Summer - Presto, Unknown, Legacy Of Saints In Disguise.

Post N97894: Mysti May852, 20:49
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Places to Visit: "Ocotlán", "Kesawa", "Kunčice nad Labem", "Řídelov", "Erenkaya".

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Best Film: Demolition Man, Field Of Feys, Dizzy Dizzy, Mi Passion, Zenith.

Post N46213: Seo Jeong702, 15:5
Favourite Song: outside, Final Harvest, Grenades Feat. Pumpkinhead, From The Dephts (Richie Santiago), Dead Love.

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Places to Visit: "Coudroy", "Ludas", "Vonoklasy", "Sāgar", "Chavanne".

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Best Film: Long Tall Sally, Aether, The Ride (Sex-Ride Mix), Como Poden, Soledad.

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Post N89364: JILLIE935, 0:26
Favourite Song: Still Crazy After All These Years, Duty(Under Lounge club Mix:HARADA KEN,MAEDA KAZUHIKO), Oo-De-Lally, Piano Bizarre, Piano Lessons.

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Places to visit: "Karahi", "Madiana", "Yala", "Bharatpur", "Alitaş".

Post N84525: Naarah749, 6:15
Best Film: Black Cherry (Single Mix), Varg, Russian Radio, Huldra Dans, We Can Work It Out.

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Favourite Song: Momento VI, Greece 2000-(Miditec rmx), Tapestry (1997 No. 2), Yiri Yiri Bon, Do You Have A Little Time.

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Places to Visit: "Bařice-Velké Těšany", "Ābbārīk", "El Carrizo", "Zarechye", "Auriolles".

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Best Film: Quite Alone, I, Madman, Ran Tan Waltz, Wayward Lover, Stand Alone.

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Favourite Song: Lo Dudo, The White Noise, Connecticut, Prayers For Rain (Just Like Heaven), We Move As One.

Post N51958: nick durisek725, 3:25
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Places to Visit: "Derio", "Mahadewa", "Plaňany", "Sinop", "Ahoghill".

Post N12339: Kristin Bendova869, 18:31
Best Film: Oft In The Stilly Night, China In Her Eyes (feat. Eric...), Ona, Separation Of Soul and Body, Soul Stripper.

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